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Quickest Way To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

The Quickest Way To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Fully completing your LinkedIn profile is essential. It gives you greater visibility and reaches on the platform. You will see a dramatic increase in your profile and content views when you have a fully optimised profile. Here is the quickest way to optimise your LinkedIn profile. 


Ensure You’re A LinkedIn All-Star 

One of, if not the quickest ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile is through following the steps to becoming an All-Star. You’ll need a profile picture, header image, headline & experience sections all filled out. 

Add a Profile Picture

Keep your profile picture up-to-date and ensure the image is well produced. Professional headshots work well but are not essential. You must avoid using group photos, low-quality images and old imagery. Ensure your profile photo is also cropped correctly. The shoulders and top of your head should be visible. 

Upload a Header Image 

The header image is your chance to demonstrate your brand. It’s most likely the first impression a prospect will have with your brand. Ensure the header image is sized correctly,1584(w) x396(h) pixels and less than 8MB in size. On desktop and mobile, your profile picture will cover a section of the background so ensure no text or logos sit on the lower left or centre of the image. You’ll have to change your header image yourself otherwise you’ll be left with LinkedIn’s default header.

Update Your Headline

Your headline or title follows you everywhere on LinkedIn and appears alongside your name when you comment on a post, send a connection request and appears just below your name on your profile. It also contributes heavily to your search results. Make sure your headline reflects the people you want visiting your profile.

Add Your About Me Section

A lot of users neglect the “about me” section. Turning it into a CV style description or ignoring it altogether. This section is where you can truly demonstrate your value to a potential connection. Talk about who you are briefly, but emphasise what you do and the value you provide. 

The LinkedIn Dashboard will provide you with all the information you’ll need in order to fully complete your profile. There are areas you can skip if you’d prefer not to add such information. Such as your school and volunteering work. But, you need to complete these essentials if you want to fully optimise your LinkedIn profile enough for the platform to naturally promote your profile. LinkedIn’s own algorithm will prefer accounts that use their latest tools and have a fully fleshed-out profile. 

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