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How to change your LinkedIn Header Image

How to change your LinkedIn Header Image

Your LinkedIn banner is placed above your profile picture on your LinkedIn and becomes a major part of how you are seen on the platform. As you draw people into your profile the first thing they will see is your banner. Which should be a beacon for who you are and your business. During the profile setup you are given the LinkedIn default header until you decide to customise it. Here is how to change your LinkedIn Banner

Create your Header Image

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First you need an image to put in your banner. The recommended dimensions for your header is 1548 Pixels Wide and 396 pixels height. Whichever you chose you must ensure not to go over the maximum file size of 8MB and the file type must be PNG or JPEG

Linkedin Banner first image

Be aware when using text within your banner. As your profile picture will be placed in the left hand corner of the image you should not place text in the sector. In this example the designers have purposely left this area uncovered. 

Linkedin Banner Profile with banner

In order to change your banner you need to click on the pencil icon to the right of the page next to More…

The Edit Intro section will appear which will give you the option to once again click the pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon on the banner image to begin changing your header. 

Setting linkedin banner image

Click onto “Change photo”, select your image from your hard drive and then click Apply to save your preference. You can Zoom and straighten your image, but if the dimensions are correct this will not be necessary. Finally click Save and your new header will be ready to be seen by your connections. 

If you looking to change your headers for all your social media pages check out our 2020 guide for creating successful media headers. For all things LinkedIn you can follow our list for Why Businesses should invest in LinkedIn Training. 

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