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Tagging people and companies on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to mention someone or promote your company on your LinkedIn post you can tag them using the @ symbol. Tagging people and companies on LinkedIn is as simple as adding the symbol and writing the name, but there can be a few things you need to keep in mind to get it right.

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Tagging in 3 simple steps 

  1. To tag on LinkedIn start a post and type in the @ symbol. 
  2. Next type out the name of the user or company you want to tag
  3. Once you find the person you want to tag click on their name. 

Spaces and Names 

If you can’t seem to find the person to tag there might be a problem with how the name is typed. Some users will use full names, and company names may have spaces to separate names. There is also the problem with companies with similar names, as you won’t be able to scroll through every name throughout LinkedIn. Make sure to add spaces and the exact name of the company or user you want to tag. Once they appear in the search click on their name to add them to your post. 

Reasons to tag people on LinkedIn 

There are a lot of different reasons people tag on LinkedIn. You can tag people in the comments to bring their attention to a post or highlight them for the person who posted. You can write a celebratory post about a team member and tag them in the post. Or you could simply direct people to another user as a way to promote their services. 

What you shouldn’t do is tag influencers or celebrities excessively at the bottom of your post for attention. This won’t bring up your views and engagement on a post, and might just annoy the people you’re tagging. Make sure when you tag it’s for a relevant reason. 

How to stop being tagged in posts

If you want to avoid being tagged you can members from tagging you in their posts, comments, and photos:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  3. Click the Visibility 
  4. Click Mentions or Tags.
  5. Switch Off Allow mentions.

Tagging is a great way to direct attention, by adding a useful hyperlink for other users to click on. You can drive traffic to your LinkedIn page


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