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Why You Need To Add A Registration Form To Your LinkedIn Live Event Featured Image

Why You Need To Add A Registration Form To Your LinkedIn Live Event

Without a registration form on your LinkedIn Live event, you’re limited in what you can do after the event. It might be tempting to skip the form to make registration simpler for your audience, but it can leave out a vital part of putting on the event in the first place… 

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What Does Registration form on LinkedIn Live Mean? 

The registration form on your LinkedIn live will appear when someone tries to register for your event. It will ask for a name and email address. This means the person who registered will receive a reminder email for your event and it will also allow you to view the email of the person who registered. You will need to provide a privacy policy so anyone who registers is aware of how you will be using their data. LinkedIn makes the form simple by pre-filling the information using the member’s information already on their LinkedIn profiles, so signing up is as simple as clicking Register and Accept

Registration Forms Make Following Up Easier

These Registration forms are essential for any follow-ups you’d like to make after the event. Without a registration form on your LinkedIn live event, you will have to ask your audience to email you for any resources, replays or follow-up calls. This can lead to a drop-off in numbers. You want to be able to reach your audience after the event, not just to follow-up, up but to re-engage anyone who didn’t attend the event at the time. A lot of people who register may find themselves unable to attend. So sharing a replay in an email is the best way to get them back on board. 

Grow Your Connections 

With a downloadable list of attendees, you can integrate your social selling activities into that list by picking out the leads you’d like to follow up with and sending a request to them with a message thanking them for attending your event. You could even start a conversation with the content of the event. Having the list at hand is a lot easier than going through the attendees on LinkedIn as you’ll be able to shift through the data a lot easier. 

You’ll Miss Out On Building Your Email List

An email list is one of, if not the most important tool for marketing your business online. With your event, you can build your email list full of people who have engaged with your event online and know who you are. You can then implement your email marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website, landing pages and value pieces. It all starts with your registration form and without it, you won’t have the opportunity to build your list of subscribers. A missed opportunity. 

Make sure you add a registration form to your LinkedIn event. You may think it’ll put people off attending, but the opportunities that could with the form outweigh turning away the few people who won’t provide the information. 


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