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Why you should download your LinkedIn Live Attendees List Featured Image

Why You Should Download Your LinkedIn Live Attendees List

If retailers could have a magic list of every customer who wants to buy their product, they would use it in a split second. It removes the guesswork, wasted time, unnecessary marketing, as well as all the costly resources associated with these things. If you run a LinkedIn Live, you are pretty much having this magic list handed to you. And that’s exactly why you need to download your LinkedIn Live Attendees. 

Growth Titans

You’ve found your people

If people are attending your event, the likelihood is that they have some interest, however slight, in the knowledge, service or insight you can offer. Whether you had 5 attendees or 500, these people wanted to hear what you have to say. Which (if you’re lucky) means they’ll be eager to hear from you in the future. Future events maybe. Future LinkedIn posts. Future newsletters, or maybe even courses or products. 

By downloading your LinkedIn Live attendees you are opening up your pipeline, and analysing how you can improve your marketing to focus on the right people if your current attendee list is looking a little… random.


The Data is your friend – don’t let it be your enemy


With great data comes great responsibility. AKA, don’t be lame and use this data in the wrong way. It’ll only damage your chances of maintaining positive relationships with your audience, in the future. 

No one will take you seriously if you start hitting them with spam every day. 

So, what’s the right way to use this data?

Why you should download your LinkedIn Live Attendees (the right way)

  • You can start building your Prospect list
  • You can be prepared and email a replay to anyone who may have missed the live show
  • Connect on a deeper level. You can use these new contacts and upload them to your LinkedIn profile
  • Use this data to finesse your marketing. Analyse the data to match your desired target audience. This will help you see if your targeting is right or whether it needs a little work
So, there you have it

What once might have seemed like a pointless exercise, has become a rich opportunity for growth. And you can do it with relative ease. You’ve done the hard part, now you just need to go on and reap the benefits of running a great event that has people wanting to hear more from you. 


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