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Maverrik’s Leading Linkedin Training Course is Now Online!

Maverrik is pleased to announce that our “Win your next client on Linkedin” course is now available online. This course has been compiled by Maverrik Founder, Dean Seddon. Specifically designing the course to help business owners, sales professionals and marketers leverage Linkedin for their business.

This course contains more than the obvious optimisation strategies. It contains practical tutorials of profile optimisation, how to maximise post/page views and guides on writing the best content to attract your target audience. 


With the course being made available online, we can ensure every business across the UK and beyond has the know-how to grow their business through Linkedin. 

Including a 30-day sales roadmap that will help even the most reluctant of sales people to build relationships and connect with potential clients.

Dean Seddon, Maverrik founder delivering Win Your Next Client on Linkedin Training

The course keeps up-to-date with Linkedin’s changes and updates, to keep up-to-date with the platforms algorithm, trends and tools. This is one of the UK’s most highly rated courses for marketing and sales training on Linkedin.

The course contains over 4 hours of tutorials; from writing content to winning clients. The modules include:

  • How to go viral on LinkedIn
  • Building your Company Page
  • How to generate leads and clients without being banned.
  • Optimising your profile to increase view from your target clients.
  • How to get thousands of views of your content without Paid Ads.

The course is fully comprehensive and highly rated by the thousands of attendees over the past two years.

“We’re pleased to offer this course online so that anyone who wants to dive into the course and not wait to attend a live event can start instantly. There are lots of Linkedin training courses but only a few that are delivered by people who practice what they preach. We’ve filled this training with a full course as well as tutorials of individual elements and how-to’s” – Dean Seddon

Maverrik’s Linkedin course has been delivered in the UK, Europe, USA & UAE

Many businesses see the potential opportunity of Linkedin, even so, they struggle to understand how to get consistent results. Maverrik produced this course with those folk in mind. Understanding that the priority for many businesses is investing their time into work which can yield clearly demonstrable results.

The “Win your next client on Linkedin” course itself is Maverriks highest-rated LinkedIn Training course on Trustpilot. With many of the verified reviews boasting results, in the first 30-days.

One such review from Richard in London boasts he closed £28,000 of new business in the days following the course. Of the 89 reviews, the vast majority are positive reviews with the company itself boasting a five-star rating.

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