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Managing Your LinkedIn Feed Featured Image

Managing Your LinkedIn Feed

Not seeing what you want on your LinkedIn feed? Liking some stuff, but could do with less of the rest? Well, the power is quite literally in your hands. Your own social activity will have an impact on what makes up your feed and posting regular and engaging content will have you appearing more on other people’s feeds. However, there are ways to customise things a little more to your liking.

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Unfollow or Mute

It sounds simple enough but unfollowing or muting people/companies/hashtags will drastically change up your feed.

  • Go to the ‘My Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn feed page.
  • On the left will be a short list of options, you want ‘People I Follow.’
  • Use the three lines icon to filter through ‘connections’ or ‘companies’ or ‘hashtags.’
  • Now you can choose who you don’t want to see content from by clicking ‘following’. 
  • Anyone you are no longer following will have the option ‘follow’ underneath.

If you don’t have the time to go on an unfollow spree then there is a quicker way to filter out unwanted content. When a post appears in your feed from a company or person you don’t want to see, click the three dots icon on their post and then ‘I don’t want to see this’ or ‘unfollow [name].’

Follow Fresh Perspectives

On the same page as ‘People I Follow’, there will be the option to ‘Follow fresh perspectives.’ Clicking on this will offer people and companies that are trending in your network. If you really don’t feel like you are seeing the right content then this is a great place for you to choose and customise what will make up your feed.

Flag Inappropriate Content

This step is two-fold. It’s a way for LinkedIn to make sure everyone is using the platform appropriately and professionally but it is also another way to make sure your feed is not filled with useless content. If a post ever comes up that you feel is inappropriate for your feed or the platform, you have the option to report it. Click the three dots on the post and select ‘Report This Post.’ Even if someone you follow has posted something you believe is drastically out of character for them or their company, using this feature can help LinkedIn to find out if that person’s account has possibly been hacked.

Sorting Your Updates in the LinkedIn Feed

It can be a little hard to see but if you are viewing your feed on a desktop, there is an option to sort your feed by ‘top’ or ‘recent.’ Between where your feed starts and the option to ‘start a post’ is a little dropbox on the right next to the words ‘Sort by.’ From there you can either choose to see the top (trending) posts or what has most recently been posted.

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