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Can You Generate Business from YouTube? camera

Is There a Way to Make Real Money on YouTube?

Youtube is one of the biggest social media platforms around. It also beats every other website in users (except for search engines like Google or Facebook). But, how can you make actual money from Youtube

Over 4 billion videos are viewed on a daily basis according to We Are Grow and 100 hours of video are added every minute to the platform.

Think about the opportunities for marketing your business through this platform.  

Here 5 ways to utilise YouTube into your marketing strategy: 

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1 ) Keywords are Key 

Think about it. Whenever you need to find out how to do something, you will search for a video on Youtube or ask a search engine. Youtube gives you that massive audience at your fingertips! 

For example, if you specialise in creating Pay-Per-Click ads, why not create a video that goes over the benefits of using ads or the basics of how to set them up? This will build a reputation of expertise for your company and, when people get stuck, they will come to you for help. 

You can utilise the keywords that people are searching for to get visibility of your content. 

Extensions such as Tube Buddy enable you to see how certain keywords are performing and help you know what content to create. This can also be used to create written blogs or other forms of content beyond YouTube videos. 

2 ) An International Audience 

On the topic of visibility, YouTube gives you access to a worldwide audience. 

Anything you post can be watched anywhere in the world. Your brand could be reaching new customers and all you have to do is create content from your office or home computer!

This way you can make money on Youtube from anywhere in the world.

3 ) Ever-green Content

Videos on Youtube are a great source of evergreen content. Evergreen refers to content that is always relevant to your audience. For example, an article with outdated stats or a focus on a particular season, like Christmas, is not evergreen content. 

Videos can be repurposed and can stay relevant for years to come. 

You can also repurpose a video into: 

  • A podcast
  • Some infographics 
  • A social media post
  • A presentation
  • A blog article

You now have at least 5 other forms of content from 1 great idea. Evergreen content is also great for increasing your SEO ranking. 

4 ) More People Are Visual Learners

Photos and videos do so well on social media feeds, so why not promote your business on YouTube? 

Did you know that according to We Are Grow, 65% of people are visual learners, with the other 30% being aural and 5% kinesthetic. You will be able to build your business by creating engaging visual aspects to your brand through YouTube. 

5 ) Sponsors and Ads

You have probably noticed how some of your top YouTube videos are either sponsored or include an ad to another company or service. If your video gains traction, you can be paid to fund your video content, which will increase your visibility. The company advertising will also be able to link their clients to your video.  This is one of the primary methods of making money on Youtube.

You can also use AdWords or AdSense for your own videos. The best thing is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Regarding AdSense, you can earn money from producing regular video content. It’s a win-win situation as you are earning money for your content as well as engaging more people through visual content. 

So, the short answer is yes, you can generate business from Youtube. YouTube is a massive platform in which you can increase the visibility of your business and create content that will build trust from your potential customers. People engage with people, and videos are one of the best ways to connect with your audience.


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