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LinkedIn’s Most Followed Hashtags In 2023

LinkedIn’s hashtags allow you to categorise your posts by topic and interest but with so many variations knowing which ones to use can be difficult. That’s why we have listed LinkedIn’s most followed hashtags for you, to help ease that process.

Leverage this list of LinkedIn’s most followed hashtags for 2023, so you can increase your engagement and be sure the # you’re using is relevant to you.

  1. innovation -38,673,144 followers
  2. management -35,871,964 followers
  3. digitalmarketing -27,291,348 followers
  4. technology -26,347,886 followers
  5. creativity -25,114,957 followers
  6. futurism – 23,402,629 followers
  7. startups – 21,168,624 followers
  8. marketing – 20,304,916 followers
  9. socialmedia – 19,634,079 followers
  10. socialnetworking – 18,978,383 followers
  11. motivation – 15,758,779 followers
  12. personaldevelopment – 14,656,952 followers
  13. jobinterviews – 14,289,264 followers
  14. sustainability – 13,239,284 followers
  15. personalbranding – 10,430,219 followers
  16. education – 9,612,448 followers
  17. productivity – 8,433,018 followers
  18. travel – 6,970,601 followers
  19. sales – 5,852,379 followers
  20. socialentrepreneurship – 5,794,895 followers
  21. fundraising – 5,728,760 followers
  22. law – 5,483,959 followers
  23. strategy – 5,064,006 followers
  24. culture – 4,728,967 followers
  25. fashion – 4,215,758 followers
  26. business – 3,663,739 followers
  27. networking – 3,566,063 followers
  28. hiring – 2,443,907 followers
  29. health – 2,270,357 followers
  30. inspiration – 1,145,015 followers

This list has been updated since January 2023, you’ll find slight differences as times go on. But, these are the most active tags to date.

But why should you be using them?

Hashtags on LinkedIn allow you to increase your engagement and overall reach and by posting relevant hashtags you’re 12.86% more likely to get views than on those without them. The number speaks for itself.

Using hashtags also allows you to find topical conversations people and companies are engaging in, meaning you can stay in the conversation. It’s also an easy and effective way to find people within your network with similar goals and interests that you can connect with.

Then it’s a question of how should you actually use Hashtags.

Before entering into the world of all things hashtags it’s important to do some research. You want to be sure they relate and feel relevant to your post, otherwise, you won’t be attracting the right audience.

If you already have the content sussed and which companies you want to attract it can be useful to start there and begin building up a bank of keywords. You can use the LinkedIn search bar to find other users that are discussing this, to reconfirm the relevance of your post.

There’s no harm in searching across other social media platforms for trending hashtags and don’t be afraid to search for keywords that are relevant but aren’t necessarily a perfect match for your post. Hashtags can also help to provide you with a new angle and generate ideas for future posts to ensure you’re talking about subjects in connection with your industry or topic of expertise.

It can be a case of trial and error, which is why experimenting and finding the ones that are working for you is crucial.

How many hashtags are too many?

It’s tricky to find that sweet spot on LinkedIn and while it’s a personal preference the optimal number of hashtags seems to be between one and three. This means your posts are likely to reach the desired audience without the risk of being too spammy or difficult to read, any more could become a waste of time for you.

There’s no disputing that Linkedin hashtags are a powerful way to connect with people and build your Linkedin presence, making the importance of their use all the more poignant.

Now that you know LinkedIns most followed hashtags, you can start to take action and try out to implement them into your content.

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