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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tips For Better Prospecting

If you’re a sales manager or someone who works with sales reps, you’ll want to give your team all the tools they need to succeed. Here are a few Sales Navigator tips to improve your prospecting. 

Be Active on LinkedIn 

First, be an active member of LinkedIn. You may already be using this site regularly, but it’s never too late to start posting content and connecting with people every day. To be a successful sales lead manager, you must be able to be at the forefront of the sales strategy. Part of doing this well involves knowing how to properly utilise all of the technology and resources that salespeople use on a day-to-day basis. It can’t hurt to make sure that you’re a prominent figure on LinkedIn either.

Remember to keep things fresh and exciting. There’s nothing worse than a paint by numbers salesman. There should always be something new and exciting to talk about. So make sure that you stay on top of the game by staying updated on the latest trends and talking about new techniques and strategies with your team.

Remember the Basics 

Don’t forget the basics when it comes to Sales Navigators. Keep your head down. Focus on why you are there. One of the best Sales Navigator tips I could give you is to remember your basic training. Don’t overcomplicate things for no reason.

Make sure that you maintain a great relationship with your team and with the people you deal with on a regular basis. This helps you stay fresh and keep your sales prospecting skills sharp. You’ll always be able to refer your sales team to others when the numbers become a bit unmanageable. That means that when they need referrals they can call you instead of just calling the sales centre.


Mutual Connections 

Sales Navigator has a great prospecting tool in the form of mutual connections. Instead of merely mentioning you have a mutual connection it takes it a step further and pinpoints their relationship. Giving you the opportunity to plan your approach and show how you know each other during your first contact. This will help you secure the connection and plan follow up messages more effectively. 


Sales Navigator has the best filtering feature on the platform allowing you to methodically target your connection requests. The basic feature will only grant you a search bar and basic filtering. On Sales Navigator you can target a variety of job roles at once, how many people work within that company and more. If you make use of all the filters available you’ll be able to create a list of prospects that suit your sales needs to the letter. 

The Personal Approach 

The next Sales Navigator tip for better prospecting is for you to make an effort to talk to your prospects personally. A simple phone call can go a long way when it comes to getting information from people who are interested in your product. By making an effort to talk to your prospects, you’ll learn more about their needs and what they’re looking for.

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