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New 2023 LinkedIn Algorithm Update

Have you noticed a change in your LinkedIn feed recently? Doesn’t it feel like the LinkedIn algorithm has been updated? 

Maybe fewer selfies? Or more posts from 1st-degree connections?

Since the pandemic, LinkedIn users have shared concerns about irrelevant content flooding their feeds.

In an attempt of going viral, some users have tried to manipulate the algorithm by focusing their content attempts solely on gaining followers and likes.

The issue: a larger number of LinkedIn users have complained due to wanting a more professional platform focused on learning rather than personal content.

The good news is that LinkedIn has finally recognised the issues and has made significant changes to its algorithm, helping to prioritise relevant and quality content.

More Followers In Your Feed

If you post on LinkedIn, it is now more likely that your followers will see your post and vice versa. 

LinkedIn users had voiced concerns about the lack of content showing up in their feeds that has come from people they are connected to.

When connecting with someone on LinkedIn, the chances are you’re interested in viewing their content regularly. But, before the update, these posts were getting pushed to the bottom of feeds or hidden from them entirely.

LinkedIn has been shown to acknowledge the importance of prioritising content from a users existing network and since the update, it has already led to a 10% increase in users viewing posts from their connections.

More Relevant Content

Since complaints arose about irrelevant content, LinkedIn has focused on providing a platform where expertise is valued, improving the quality of the content shown.

LinkedIn users will no longer be able to manipulate the system to push their content to the top of feeds as the algorithm now prioritises posts that share knowledge and advice.

The algorithm evaluates whether a post contains valuable information and goes on to show it to users who are more likely to find the content useful.

The shift has already resulted in nearly a 40% increase in users discovering knowledgeable content from individuals outside of their network.

LinkedIn Quality Control

But how exactly does an algorithm recognise when a post is full of genuine knowledge and advice?

The answer: it considers these factors…

It first evaluates whether the content speaks to a specific audience. Making sure that the overall message is relevant to those who would find it valuable.

It then assesses the users’ expertise in the subject area based on their professional profile, to highlight content from authoritative sources.

Finally, comments play a big role in the quality of your content. As the algorithm can detect the presence of meaningful comments as opposed to more generic AI-generated ones, influencing post visibility due to engagement.

The Overall Aim

It seems that the LinkedIn algorithm update aims to encourage users to prioritise reaching the RIGHT audience with their content. Rather than pushing content that goes viral for the sake of popularity.

Whilst likes and followers can be useful brand-building tools, the updates are set to emphasise the value of connecting with users who can provide value.

The update brings a new focus on relevance, quality engagement and valuable content. Users should embrace these changes to drive professional growth and overall success on the platform.


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