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How To Use the LinkedIn Featured Section Featured Image

How To Use the LinkedIn Featured Section

So, you’ve written something you’re really proud of…Now, what do you do with it? Have you considered the LinkedIn Featured Section? Not sure how to use it? I can help you with that in a few simple steps…

  1. Click the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn feed.
  2. At the top of your profile, click ‘Add profile section.’
  3. From the list, click ‘Recommended’ and then ‘Add featured’ from the dropdown.
  4. In the top right-hand corner is a plus symbol, click that.
  5. From here you can select the work that you want to feature.
  6. Then just click ‘save’ or ‘done.’

The LinkedIn Featured Section is not only a great tool to showcase individual pieces of work. It’s also a brilliant way to offer another kind of introduction for potential connections. Most people on LinkedIn will check out someone’s profile before deciding whether or not to connect with them. That is why it is absolutely vital to get your LinkedIn profile just right. And your LinkedIn Featured Section is a key part of that.

Once you have added your first piece of media to the LinkedIn Featured Section, it will be displayed just below the ‘About’ section on your profile. There is no limit to the number of pieces that you can feature but that doesn’t mean you should get carried away. Of course, there will be many things you are proud of but adding specific media will get your expertise across more effectively.

Ordering Your Content

Just like anything on your LinkedIn profile, it is up to you what you want people to see. So, if there is a particular featured piece you want your audience to see first, you can change the order in which the media appears. Or if you have written something that is suddenly topical, you can move it to the top of your featured section and then back again once the hype has died down. Keep in mind that newly featured content will always appear first.

While company pages cannot use the LinkedIn Featured Section, members of the company can. The pieces of media that you decide to feature do not only have to be ones that you have authored. You can include blog posts, articles and newsletters that have been published by other people in your company. The power is entirely in your hands. This includes who can and can’t see your Featured Section. The privacy settings you have applied to your posts on LinkedIn will also be applied to the media you decide to feature.

Think of the Featured Section as another way to personalise your profile and showcase your expertise…because that’s exactly what it is!

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