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Why Is It So Important To Build Rapport with Clients? featured image

Why Is It So Important To Build Rapport with Clients?

Sometimes in life, you’ll meet naturally engaging and charismatic people. They appear able to connect instantly and anyone that’s been fortunate enough to meet someone like this will know that building this sense of understanding and trust almost immediately isn’t an easy skill to master. 

In fact, it can feel near impossible. 

Especially to those that find it an unnatural process. This can make it difficult, considering how regardless of your industry or walk of life it’s a crucial skill. It’s one that can carry you far but why is it so important to build rapport with clients? 

And more importantly…

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What is Rapport?

A rapport in its simplest form is a basis for close, meaningful relationships with others. 

It’s that sense of connection you feel when you meet someone understanding and trustworthy. It can be the foundation of a great working relationship but finding these like-minded individuals isn’t easy. Often interactions, particularly when it comes to social selling, can seem disingenuous and questions feel loaded. 

Trusting the intentions of the person on the other end of the message can be hard, that’s why you need someone with a mutual understanding and attentiveness. Someone that shows a positive interest in you and your ideas. 

For many, it’s a feeling that can appear to be an instantaneous click or it might be one that develops over time. Whether you’re being interviewed, selling, or just trying to improve a relationship, knowing how to build rapport can help you to perform successfully in so many ways.

But How Do You Build Rapport?

Now it becomes a question of how do you build rapport and solidify those relationships?

Firstly, it needs to be a two-way connection, if it feels one-sided it won’t be nearly as effective or beneficial. To help you navigate this we have comprised six simple steps to help you on your way:

  1. Make a strong first impression – they count!
  2. Remember the basics of good communication – that includes everything from being an active listener to remembering people’s names.
  3. Find a shared interest to establish the connection between you both
  4. Create a shared experience – this could be as simple as attending the same virtual conference or webinar.
  5. Be empathetic – that means showing off your emotional intelligence and good listening skills.
  6. Match the energy – we are naturally more inclined to favour people that remind us of ourselves, meaning mirroring the energy of your client could really work in your favour.

Applying This To Clients

Building rapport with customers is all about cultivating that higher level of trust and understanding. In order to deliver the best customer experience possible, sales reps need to display all of these things and more. Going above and beyond can really help and will ensure you stand out from the competition. 

You need to be empathetic, show sincerity and have a genuine interest in the customer’s needs – it’s not asking for much! More often than not it’s a case of embodying your company’s values, ethos and mission and relaying that to the consumer so they can feel that too. With this treatment, clients can be sure to feel valued and understood. It removes the overly sales-y and pushing feeling from the equation and makes them far more likely to engage with you, your business and ultimately your services.


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