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How To Leverage Sales Navigator’s New Priority Accounts

As part of LinkedIn’s new revamping of their Sales Navigator homepage users have a new section to uncover called Priority Accounts. Allowing users to track key changes within the accounts they are targeting. Here is how you can leverage the new Sales Navigator Priority Account section. 

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Find The Priorty Accounts Section

After signing into Sales Navigator you’ll be able to see the priority accounts section. It’s on the right side of the homepage. If you don’t have the new section appear on your homepage check to see if you have a saved account list on your profile. LinkedIn will use your saved lists as a basis for automatically generating a priority account list. 

Adding Your Priority Accounts Manually 

In order for the platform to track the accounts, you’re looking to target you first need to add your priority accounts. You can manually add priority accounts from your accounts lists. Select your list, find your account and click the Star icon. You can view your priority list by clicking on the priority button at the top right of the list. 

If you haven’t manually added your list of priority accounts, LinkedIn will automatically select accounts that they deem a key priority for you to target. The rules for deciding the account are unclear. The best guess is the activity you’ve had on the account. Viewing, searching and engaging with members from that account you’ve saved into a list will play the biggest role. 

Priority Accounts Insights 

After manually allowing LinkedIn to automatically generate a list of priority accounts you’ll have a list of insights to review. headcount growth, employee count, open opportunities, and buyer interest. Allowing you to directly access the Account Map from the Homepage.

What can you learn from these insights? 

Headcount growth and employee count can be a good indicators of a businesses growth. If the business is growing rapidly it may need some support with the growth. Alternatively, If the growth has slowed down or the headcount is decreasing rapidly there could be another opportunity to help with the downturn. 

Buyer interest and open opportunities are interesting factors. Buyer interest will most likely be based on the same factors which the Buyer Interest Alerts are created. There are two alerts Leadership and Employee which are all based on company page or website views. 

You can learn a lot from these metrics. Keeping yourself updated on the businesses or accounts that you’re targeting is a great feature which is what Sales Navigator Priority Accounts is all about. Tracking accounts and seeking out opportunities.


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