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How To Use Account Mapping in Sales Navigator

How To Use Account Mapping in Sales Navigator

For those that have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, it can be easy to find yourself not using it to its full potential. Especially when you throw terminology like Account Mapping in Sales Navigator Account Pages into the mix. 

Traditionally, for the average user it can be uncharted territory and it’s easy to back away slowly without fully understanding just how beneficial these features can be but it’s important to note the countless uses Sales Navigator boasts. 

Sales Navigator Features 

It includes everything from a powerful set of search capabilities to giving improved visibility into extended networks. It can also provide personalised algorithms to help ensure you reach the right decision-maker but when it comes to Account Mapping in Sales Navigator do you know your stuff?

What is Account Mapping in Sales Navigator?

For those that are unsure of what account mapping entails, it’s the process of visually representing the data points and relationship dynamics at a prospective company. 

It’s often used by sales professionals to ensure they have an overview of how the organisation functions and can help to identify the key decision-makers.

With Account Maps, users can now visualise and identify account gaps and opportunities to influence the right people. You can also view saved and recommended leads in Tiers 1, 2 and 3 based on your LinkedIn activity. 

You can plan and map account relationships and rearrange leads in Tiers as you’d like, you can also identify potential account gaps when mapping key stakeholders and influence buyers.

All of which is hugely beneficial and can enhance your businesses experience and growth on LinkedIn.

Access an Account Map in an Account Page

When it comes to accessing an account map on an account page it couldn’t be simpler. In just three simple steps, all you need to do is:

  1. Search for an account you’d like in Sales Navigator, then click to navigate to the account page.
  1. Under the People tab, view the Account Map for the account. You can also view an Account Map by clicking on the account in your account lists.
  1. The Account Map pre-populates a set of 6 leads for you while prioritizing your saved leads.

If you don’t have saved leads, Account Map selects lead options from your recommended leads.

Add leads to Account Map

The next stage is adding leads to your account map, this is equally simplistic to do. You start by:

  1. Searching for an account you’d like in Sales Navigator, then you click to navigate to the account page.
  1. Under the People tab, you can view the Account Map for the account.
  1. On the left rail, click Add to map/Save lead under a Saved lead/Lead recommendation you’d like to add to the Account Map.
  1. You can drag and drop a lead’s profile card in one of the following 3 tiers, and Account Map will add the lead to the tier that matches their seniority.

Tier 1 includes leads who are senior executives, Tier 2 represents middle management, and Tier 3 are leads who are individual contributors.

Remove leads from Account Map

The final category is removing leads from the account map, to do this you simply:

  1. On the lead profile card, you’d like to remove from Account Map, click Remove.
  1. In the pop-up box that appears, select one of the options below: 
  1. Remove this lead from the account map
  2. Remove this lead from the account map and unsave this lead
  1. Click Confirm and then you’re done!

Account Mapping in Sales Navigator is a great tool and can help you find qualified leads, which is why it’s so important to use it to its full potential. 

Has this encouraged you to explore Account Mapping?

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