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How to Convince Your Sales Team to Use LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn is the world’s most powerful professional networking platform? It has become one of the most valuable tools for identifying and nurturing potential sales leads. You may already know this, but does your sales team? 

With over 810 million users on the platform, with the specific, targeted B2B audience that’s active on there – those are sales leads your team shouldn’t be missing. 

But how can you convince your sales team to use LinkedIn?

The most valuable tool in the business is worth nothing if your sales team isn’t using it — you need them to believe in it too.


Let’s Get Them On Board

Explaining to your sales team the importance of LinkedIn as a tool to generate leads might give them the push they need to start being active. 

And if you’re not sure how to explain that – I’ve already done it for you. Over 810 million users speak for themselves. 

Have you tried sharing internal success stories with your team? 

If someone in your company has had a successful experience converting a lead into a client, try turning it into a kind of case study. It may just inspire your team to give it a go. 

Using LinkedIn doesn’t have to be time-consuming either if that’s a concern your team has. 

Being active on LinkedIn can take as little as 10 minutes a day, and the content is up to them. This activity can include anything from engaging in groups and sharing content to following hashtags.

We All Appreciate Guidelines

Providing easy-to-follow guidelines can be incredibly helpful for your team. 

Sometimes users feel the pressure to write original, witty or thought-provoking posts for everything they share, but this isn’t necessary. 

You can take pressure off your team by giving them simple steps to composing effective posts. Or, if your company is generating their own content, forward it for your team to use in their posts. 

If your sales team knows what kind of content you’re posting on the company’s LinkedIn page, they have more power to share and create their own supporting messaging.

Workshop ‘Til You Drop

Try attending a LinkedIn sales team training workshop. 

LinkedIn training can go a long way in building your team’s confidence in using the platform effectively. 

Bring in an external resource that can provide insider expertise as well as tools to help your team enhance their existing LinkedIn presence.

While We’re On The Topic…

We at Maverrik host an array of LinkedIn training sessions for businesses looking to market their business online.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your LinkedIn profile page or you want to learn how to generate leads – We cover it all. 

If you’re interested in booking a LinkedIn training session with us, let us know by sending us a message.


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