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How to go live with RTMP on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live has gone through some changes over the past couple of months, which means a lot of third-party tools need to keep up with the changes. One thing that remains the same for any streaming platform is linking directly to the stream you want to go live to. Here is how you can go live with RTMP on LinkedIn.

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What is RTMP?

RTMP, which stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol, plays a crucial role in transmitting audio, video, and other data seamlessly over the internet in real time. Originally created by Adobe Systems, this protocol is extensively utilized for live streaming and on-demand streaming of multimedia content. By establishing a persistent connection between the streaming server and the client, RTMP ensures the efficient delivery of multimedia data. It finds widespread application in platforms and services that involve live video streaming, including social media platforms, online gaming, video conferencing, and content delivery networks (CDNs). In short, it populates straight to the stream without the need for third-party hosts. 

How To Go Live To RTMP on LinkedIn 

Here are the steps to take to use RTMP on your LinkedIn Live Event. 

  1. Head to
  2. Click LinkedIn Live at the top left and select Manage Streams
  3. Find your stream and click Prepare to Go Live – You’ll be able to prepare 1 hour before your scheduled time click the Pick a Region dropdown box and click Europe, WestCopy your Stream URL and Stream Key into OBS or Streamyarm / Restream. 
  4. Click Add destination on restream, Custom RTMP and copy and paste the URL and Key. 
  5. Go live via OBS or Streamyard / Restream 
  6. Go back to the LinkedIn Live Dashboard you’ll see the stream on your screen, but you’ll also have to Click Go Live at the top right

By following these steps and leveraging RTMP, you can seamlessly stream content on LinkedIn Live, enhancing your reach and engagement with your audience.

Adding an RTMP code to OBS 

  • On your OBS Account: Click Settings then Stream
  • Paste the Streaming Key to the “Stream Key” field 
  • Click Start Streaming to start your broadcast 

Why use LinkedIn Live over Zoom or Google? 

LinkedIn Live offers a unique chance to market to professionals on the platform and host an event all on the same platform. This reduces the chance of people falling behind in terms of following links to group calls or needing to download any software to join. By having everything you need in one place you’re reducing the steps needed to take by you and your audience. You can market and present in the same place. 

LinkedIn has chat features just like any other streaming site or meet, but it does mean you can’t put people on your stream effortlessly from LinkedIn. They will have to join you through the third-party tool or join as a call member and cast to the screen with OBS, which can get a little tricky without the right knowledge of using those platforms. 


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