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Four Key Things You’ll Learn from Social Selling Accelerator Live

Four Key Things You’ll Learn from Social Selling Accelerator Live

Back on the road, Maverrik is set to deliver the Social Selling Accelerator Live. A full day packed with social selling training tips for business growth and increased sales. But, what makes this return to force special? Here are the four key things you’ll learn from the Social Selling Accelerator Live. 

Creating Your Digital Value Proposition

You need to add value to your prospects’ lives if your company and sales process wants to be successful. This means crafting your sales message and content to show your prospects that doing business with you will be worth it. This can come in a variety of ways from offering simple advice as a consultant or a fully bespoke package that solves the entire security needs of a business. Whatever that value is, you’ll learn where to find it within your business using the worksheets and discussions during the social selling accelerator live. 

Important New Tools 

Social media sites update seemingly every day with new tools for content creation, metrics, insights and connecting people. There are even third-party plugins and sites which all aid in finding your target audience and reaching out to them. These tools are usually the secret tools behind the “experts” online to offer a little added value. During the Social Selling Accelerator live we’ll show you these latest tools and how you can leverage them for your own sales process. 

Generating Discussions

Discussions seem simple enough, but it’s one of the simplest of processes that go overlooked. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most important of all elements of social selling. How could you possibly create an enquiry if you aren’t constantly talking with new leads interested in your business? You need your prospects to value a call and discussion with you. Easier said than done when there is a sheet amount of competition and noise online. This is one of the key benefits of the Social Selling Accelerator Live. 

The Maverrik Method 

Maverrik has been social selling for numerous years and our specific method has yielded results for all types of business owners. From SMEs to Corporates our method reaches the right people for the person wielding it. There is no such thing as a magic bullet in sales, but this is the closest thing we have to a surefire way to get into your clients’ inbox on good terms, ready for a call and a sale. It will become your next sales strategy or at least become a vital part of your current process.

Those are the four key things you’ll learn from the Social Selling Accelerator Live. Not to mention the content creation tips, how to leverage LinkedIn and using webinars etc. There are a ton of insights you’ll learn from speaking with Dean and the Maverrik team. Turning one day into the most valuable training experience your business could invest in. 

Luke Tew

Luke Tew

I'm Maverrik's Head of Digital Media. You may remember me from such videos as Sales Fails, Maverrik Live and Board-game Reviewers Gone Wild.
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