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17 Content tips to sell more on LinkedIn

Whilst most people think about outreach as the key to sales on LinkedIn. Content plays an important part too.

As you engage with prospects, more than 50% of them will check out your content along the way. Your content is your way to educate, build trust and raise your profile with your ideal clients.

Every time you connect, like, comment or message, your prospects they will check out your content.

Not only that, producing content which your ideal clients find valuable, spend time on and engage with will amplify that content further on the platform.

It’s your chance to be seen and help your connections see your value.

Stop the Scrolling

Grab your audience’s attention with visuals that are eye-catching and relevant to your message. For instance, use high-quality images or videos that visually represent the concept you are trying to communicate.

Useful Tips

  • Bright colours and imagery
  • Tall graphics and videos (1350px H x 1080px W)
  • Bold statements to draw in your target audience

Speak like You Write

Connect with your audience by using a conversational writing style that feels authentic and relatable. A useful approach is to imagine you’re speaking to a friend when writing your content and read it out loud to ensure it sounds natural.

Useful Tips

  • Write shorter sentences, like you speak.
  • Use conversational language.
  • Don’t write like blogs or emails.

Make it Clear

Keep your message concise and easy to understand. Break up your content using short sentences, bullet points, and subheadings to make it more scannable.

Useful Tips

  • Tell people what you do and how you do it
  • Assume people have never seen your other posts.
  • Tell people the results and transformation you deliver.

Address Their Pains

Identify the pain points of your target audience and provide solutions that demonstrate your expertise. Use real-life examples to help your audience relate to their struggles and show them how your solutions can help.

Useful Tips

  • What are the specific pains you solve
  • Focus your content on the problems people face
  • Explain the problem, don’t just skip to the solution.

Keep it Brief

Attention spans are short on LinkedIn, so limit your posts to 150-200 words or less, which can be read in less than a minute.

Useful Tips

  • Longer posts need a more engaged audience.
  • Too much information will put people off
  • Keep your value until 30 seconds into the watch or read.

Use Different Angles

Present the same ideas in different ways to keep your content fresh and engaging. Experiment with different formats, such as infographics, case studies, or video content, to provide variety and appeal to different learning styles.

Useful Tips

  • Building a brand is about saying the same thing in different ways.
  • Share information with examples specific to different audiences
  • Repurpose your best content in different formats.

Add Value and Build Trust

Focus on adding value and building trust with your audience by providing informative, educational, or entertaining content that aligns with their interests. Research your audience’s interests and pain points to create content that resonates with them.

Useful Tips

  • Ask yourself: “What benefit does the audience get from this post?”
  • Mix in personal content to help people know you better
  • 80% of your content should add value to the audience.

Promote with Purpose

You should limit direct promotion to less than 20% of your content. When you do promote your products or services, make it very clear who you serve and the outcomes you can deliver. Use social proof, such as customer testimonials or case studies, to demonstrate the benefits of your products or services.

Useful Tips

  • Focus on outcomes you can help people achieve
  • Avoid passive voice in promotional content
  • Give very clear calls to action

Weave in Stories

Stories help illustrate your points and show your audience how your solutions can help them. Use real-life examples or case studies that showcase your expertise and provide value to your audience.

Useful Tips

  • Use examples to subtly explain how you help clients (read between the lines)
  • Use the PAS framework, (Problem Agitate Solution) to tell stories

Focus on Buying Motivations

Create content which includes the buying motivations of your target audience. Research their goals and aspirations to create content that speaks to their needs and desires.

Useful Tips

  • Focus on one primary buying motivation
  • Use other motivators as secondary elements
  • Include the buying motivations in your headlines, hooks and titles.

Encourage Interaction

Make it easy for people to comment, ask questions, and share their opinions on your content. Ask open-ended questions that encourage your audience to engage with your content and share their thoughts.

Useful Tips

  • Comparisons draw higher engagement than questions
  • Asking 2-4 questions in a post increases comments
  • Standing a position and sharing opinions draws people who share your values

Provide Actionable Tips

Give practical tips that people can use right away to help build engagement and grow your following. Create a checklist or step-by-step guide that outlines the specific actions your audience can take to implement your advice.

Useful Tips

  • Practical actions drive more engagement and follows
  • Actionable content builds more trust and authority
  • Keep them basic, it’s hard to consistently delivery complex or details actionable content.

Elevate with Video

Use video to create a bigger impression and build trust faster by showing your audience who you are and what you can do. Create short, informative videos that address common pain points or showcase your products or services.

Useful Tips

  • Learning advice from a person on video is retained longer
  • Video is more endearing as they see your personality as you deliver content
  • Don’t try too hard, be yourself and relax

Respond to Comments

Increase post reach and build personal connections with your LinkedIn connections by responding to comments.

Useful Tips

  • LinkedIn loves comment responses, so try hard to respond.
  • Creating a conversation / discussion in the comments will increase reach
  • Avoid doing ‘dead-end’ comments like “Thanks” – it’s hard but try where you can.

Don’t Chase Likes

Instead of focusing on likes and views, provide content that is tailored to your target audience’s needs and pain points. It’s better to get 500 impressions from your target audience than 50,000 from random people.

  • Keep focused on your topic / buying motivations and ideal clients
  • Limit any trends and broad content to less than 50%
  • Remember likes and followers don’t equal ££££

Share Your Expertise

Share your insights and expertise to add value for your audience. Everything is already on Google. Knowledge is cheap and freely available – expertise is in limited supply. Share knowledge to show your expertise.

Useful Tips

  • Don’t worry about over-sharing value – it proves your expertise.
  • DIYers will always be DIYers – use them to increase your reach
  • Most of your customers will be lurkers – never like, just observe.

Build Trust First

Building trust takes time, so focus on delivering value and over-delivering before asking for anything in return. By doing so, you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader and a trustworthy source of information. Remember, building trust is a critical component of the sales process, and it’s the foundation for any successful business relationship.

Useful Tips

  • It takes 8 touchpoints to generate an enquiry
  • People won’t see every post, so be patient.
  • Be friendly, warm and confident.

Creating content on LinkedIn is an excellent way to build your brand, attract new clients, and grow your business.

By using the 17 tips you’ll be able to create content that resonates with your target audience, adds value, and builds trust.

Remember to keep your content concise, relevant, and engaging, and be patient in building relationships and earning the trust of your audience.

With consistent effort and these content tips you’ll be able to sell more on LinkedIn and achieve your business goals.


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