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The Secret To Content Curiosity 

Now you’ve clicked on this article, you’re already looking for the secret within this text and possible even scrolled down to get to the point. But, that is the point entirely. You clicked on this article to learn the secret to content curiosity. So, I’ll get straight to the point ensuring you don’t have far to scroll! 

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Writing Compelling Content Headlines 

If you want content curiosity you have as little as 1 second to get it online. The first hurdle is stopping the endless scroll users go through on social media. You need to give them a bright, bold message that speaks to them. Basically saying, pay attention! That sentence, accompanied by branding and design, of course, is all you have in your arsenal to pique curiosity. It’s one phrase, question, and line that starts the journey of any content you post. If that headline is wrong you’ll never achieve content curiosity. 

How To Kick-start Curiosity

First, you need to understand what drives your audience. Why are they online, what do they browse hoping to stumble upon? Most of the time your audience will be completely blind to your services until later on in the content journey, so don’t think a simple sales message is enough to convince most people to stop scrolling. Maybe an offer, discount or promotion, but people are smart enough now to even block these out. No, in order to kickstart curiosity you need to provide something to your audience. 

Your audience will check out anything that confirms a bias they have, Solves a problem they are facing, or promises to replicate the success they strive for. 

If you’re using content to create clients the solutions are your best option. These will give you authority to your audience leading them to closely follow your content and engage. To get this kickstarted you need the desired outcome. Where does your audience want to be at the end of their journey? 

Leveraging The Desired Outcome 

Once you’ve got your desired outcome you can create guides, lists and mistakes they will make along the way which will stop their desired outcome from becoming reality. Marketing experts will check out the ultimate guide to gaining more followers because their desired outcome is, more followers. 5 mistakes IT experts make when building a computer will appeal to people building a new computer. Adding IT experts adds authority to the advice, but be aware if your content doesn’t deliver on the promises you’re basically clickbait. 

Avoiding Clickbait 

If you’re looking to create content curiosity, but hate to seem clickbaity, you have the power to change this by ensuring your content does what it sets out to do. You can have 5 secrets to winning new clients. Those secrets could be anything from creating content that convinces clients to come to you, or prospecting techniques, lead magnets, account mapping etc. A convincing title and clickbait can be two separate things, as long as the value is there. If you enter the realm of You’ll Never Guess What This Plant Can Do! And it’s simply growing, you’re just in it for the clicks and your audience will despise you for it. 

The secret to curiosity is a compelling headline, simple. Don’t trick people into clicking, but leverage their ideal outcomes to create natural interest. 


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