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How to use collaborative articles on LinkedIn

Collaborative articles on LinkedIn have launched. This has created a chance for industry professionals to work together to build a value-packed article. Adding fresh perspectives prompted by an AI-generated article. This is everything you need to know and how you can leverage this new tool for yourself.

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What are collaborative articles?

LinkedIn’s collaborative articles feature allows professionals to share their knowledge on certain topics within articles. The feature works through collaborative articles that start as AI-powered conversation starters, matched with relevant member experts using LinkedIn’s Skills Graph. Knowledgable professionals on those topics can input their insights and other members can then react to contributions as “insightful,” essentially upvoting them, making it easier to find the most helpful advice.

Ensuring that contributors receive recognition for their time and expertise, they have the opportunity to earn a Community Top Voice badge in their respective areas of skill (such as “Top Sales Voice”) This badge will be visible on their profiles and alongside their contributions to articles.

What is LinkedIn’s Skill Graph?

The skill graph matches the users’ background and experience on a topic using their profile. The Skills Graph is centred around a skills taxonomy. A curated list of unique skills and their relationships. 

The taxonomy contains over 39,000 skills, 374,000 aliases, and 200,000 links between skills. The key to understanding how it’s calculated lies between the skills structure and the relationships between them, which is achieved through a framework called “Structured Skills.” 

This framework maps the relationships between skills, experience and the users’ career journey. Creating richer and more accurate skill-driven experiences.

It boils down to experience and how those experiences translate to knowledge in certain topics. Here is an example: knowing about Digital Marketing also means knowing something about Social Media and Email Marketing.

How To Use LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles

First, follow the topics you want to collaborate on LinkedIn’s Skills Showcase Page

Scroll down to page posts and choose your topics. 

Click Follow on the page so you can find the articles again.

To find these topics again click My Network and Page.

Click on the question you want to collaborate on. 

Read the article and click Add your perspective to share you insights. 

Why should you collaborate on articles? 

These collaborative articles are designed to share insights from the most knowledgeable people on LinkedIn. Put yourself alongside these topics, and get insightful reactions, and you will be associated as a top voice on LinkedIn. Gaining enough “insightful” interactions on a topic will earn you a top voice badge on your profile which will give you authority over certain topics. 

Being a top voice is essentially gaining a recommendation from LinkedIn itself. It’s social proof you know what you’re talking about and can help others in your chosen field. LinkedIn’s just given you a huge platform to get ahead as a thought leader. So, make use of these collaborative articles.


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