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Business Growth Leader Dean Seddon Plans To Help One Million Businesses Grow.

The ambitious goal is part of a decade long plan for the Maverrik company. 

London, Oct 15, 2019 (  – Every business knows that they should have a business plan, in fact in order to finance the expansion of a business, it is essential if you want investors and financial institutions to take you seriously.


For many businesses, a business growth plan is just a set of numbers and plans that are never translated into real actions. This results in unstable revenues, wasted time and money. These business plans need to be reviewed and actioned upon daily. 

This is why Dean Seddon, the CEO of Maverrik, has set an audacious goal to help one million businesses grow. 

“Businesses have to get to grips with their own marketing. Marketing is an essential pathway to growth. Many approach marketing like magpies, they get drawn in by shiny things, but never really get the results because their fascination with shiny stuff distracts them from the goal. This goal is to increase profit and revenue”. 

Over the past two years, Maverrik has been delivering training across the UK and Europe. Their course ‘Win your next Client on LinkedIn’, which was launched in 2018, has garnered over 5,000 students with a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. The Maverrik team intend to scale their ideas to help more businesses. Not just in the UK and Europe, but into the United States too. 

“When you set a big goal, it forces you to think differently about your business. It challenges you to make decisions differently and, importantly, helps you realise that what got you here, won’t get you there”.

Dean has a clear view on making businesses grow. He notes that before a business can even consider growing, it has to get a clear strategy for the future of the business. You cannot just want ‘more business’. As a business grows, it attracts all kinds of customers and not all customers can be profitable. 

“We fundamentally believe that to build a business, you have to know exactly who you are. The problems your solution can fix and have a consistent battle-plan to acquire more of the right customers. If you don’t get that right, you can ruin a business.”

With the digital revolution upon us, businesses now have many different channels they can use to promote their products and services. How does a business decide what is best? Dean believes it starts at the beginning.

“If a business wants to grow, marketing is the answer. Whilst there are many different channels, it isn’t always about more. We’ve worked with clients where the focus has made the difference. The focus is more important than anything else. They had no new activity and no real new expenses, but we made one small change to their marketing and doubled their revenue in 12 months.”

Dean is under no illusions about the scale of the goal. In fact, their goal is forcing Maverrik to adjust its business model. The company is now giving away more free of charge in order to achieve their goals.

“We know it is a totally crazy goal. We’re rebuilding our website and business infrastructure to take on the challenge. We recognise that to reach our goal of helping one million businesses grow, we have to raise our game to achieve it”

Maverrik operates out of the UK in London and Plymouth, and in the US in Austin, Texas. They currently host training events in 25 cities each year. The main training program that is delivered by the company is focused on business growth topics and social media. The training is made up of the courses: ‘Client Attraction Strategy’, ‘Win Your Next Client On LinkedIn’, ‘Growth Hacking Bootcamp’ and ‘Learn to Leverage Instagram’. The company also provides a number of training articles and videos on its website and social media channels.

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