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4 Signs You Are Losing Your Business Mojo

Are you losing your business mojo? When you are slugging it out to win business, do you know for certain your website, copy and marketing is actually giving you an advantage?

We create social media profiles to get the awareness out, but does anyone see the posts other than your friends and family?

Whether you are a solopreneur or a multi-national, all businesses go through the process of discovering and losing their Mojo.

It’s not fun being a ‘…. best-kept secret” it usually happens to really great businesses that do not know how to position, develop and leverage their competitive advantages.

When you reach this point, you’ve lost your mojo and recapture the fire in your belly for building the business.

So here are a few quick signs you might have lost your mojo….


You’re writing waffle

If you can’t explain your business simply and clearly to someone in 60 seconds, you’ve got a problem.

Often when we are keen to prove ourselves we waffle on and pack our copy full of adjectives. I get really annoyed when I go onto a website and find it almost impossible to find out exactly what the company does. It’s a sign they are confused or feel the urge to write more copy for the sake of writing copy.

It’s your business yet you struggle to describe it concisely.

You’re blaming external factors for flat-lining sales

There are always external factors! Stop using excuses. If you want to keep expanding and growing you have to do this despite external factors. Brexit or not, business goes on. If the sales environment for your business is tough and challenging, you need to sharpen your positioning as a business so you can eat some of your competitors lunch.

Your marketing is totally void of life.

You’ve either jumped around like a magpie and now quit everything because ‘marketing doesn’t work’ or you are stuck in rinse and repeat mode, trying to make the same thing that you did two years ago.

It’s dead Jim!

The problem is you haven’t got clarity yourself so how can you give clarity to a prospective customer. That is why your marketing messages are landing flat. But that doesn’t mean you should quit, just find a better way to leverage your sales content.

You want to give up!

It’s all feeling so difficult, why is growing a business so hard. This is the eventual place everyone reaches if they are starting to lose their mojo; their competitive advantage in the market. But, there is an opportunity to be found in any situation, even Brexit!

Don’t give up, just find clarity and your energy, drive and outcomes will be firing on all cylinders.

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