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4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Analytics Are Important Featured Image

4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Analytics Are Important

There’s nothing worse than investing effort into something that produces little to no results. Social media is notorious for this because of continuously changing algorithms, rules and limitations. For the millions of business professionals using LinkedIn, low engagement and connections are not just a hit to the ego. Many businesses rely on LinkedIn for lead generation and business growth. Here are 4 reasons why LinkedIn analytics are important.

If you’ve found this article then, chances are, you’re part of one of these businesses. Fortunately, thanks to LinkedIn analytics, it’s completely possible to identify where things might be going wrong and get your profile back on track. 

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The first reason why analytics are important is that they inform you in the early stages of how your efforts are being received. Every single post you share on LinkedIn doesn’t have to go viral for it to be a success. A quick look at your LinkedIn analytics will tell you if a post was successful or not.

Sometimes you’ll experience a week where the individual views of your posts will seem widely inconsistent. Some posts might get thousands of views and others will barely reach the three-digit mark. Your LinkedIn analytics will put this into perspective by measuring views, clicks, shares and comments.

Instead of measuring solely by views, your LinkedIn analytics will clearly indicate either an increase or decrease in engagement. 


As previously mentioned, the LinkedIn analytics feature is not just there to boost or deflate your ego. There’s nothing wrong with being proud when your analytics show a steady increase in engagement but don’t let it distract you. Similarly, if your LinkedIn analytics indicate a decrease in engagement, this doesn’t mean your efforts were wasted.

Understanding what does and doesn’t work is all a part of building a successful presence on LinkedIn. Monitoring your LinkedIn analytics will help you to avoid future mistakes and get you ever closer to perfecting your personal brand. 

It’s also important to remember that these analytics are not just a measure of your posts’ performance. A decrease in your analytics could also indicate that it’s time for a profile revamp.


LinkedIn analytics make creating content for the platform easier. Whether it’s posts, lead magnets or a newsletter, you’ll know what your audience responds best to. Of course, you want to maintain a variety of LinkedIn content so these positive analytics are not an excuse to reuse content. It might be tempting to reshare a post that did particularly well but all this will do is ensure the next time you look at your LinkedIn analytics you’ll be disappointed. 

Positive LinkedIn analytics indicate that either a topic you spoke about or thought you shared really resonated with your audience. So, continuing this conversation from a different angle or sharing different content related to it is likely to keep your engagement high.

Whether your analytics are displaying an increase or decrease, do not stop engaging on LinkedIn.


An extremely helpful feature of LinkedIn analytics is how they help you to build your connections. Sometimes people will engage with one of your LinkedIn posts but then you’ll never see them again. Whereas others will be so intrigued by your content that they will check out your profile. LinkedIn analytics will tell you how many people visited your profile and who they were.

With this information, you can scroll through who visited your profile and decide if they are someone worth connecting with. In some cases, you will be able to build your LinkedIn network and increase your reach by connecting with like-minded professionals. In other cases, you will come across potential prospects.

LinkedIn analytics is an underused feature on the platform. So, now that you know why it’s so important, get ahead of your competition with this upper hand.


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