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5 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out Featured Image

5 Ways To Make Your Content Stand Out

The internet has become oversaturated with content, and every business is trying to establish itself online by educating and informing both existing and potential customers.  You need to make sure your content stand out. 

If you want to be remembered or eventually become a thought leader, you need to work on a strategy that places you in front of your audience and provides them with content that’s worth their while. 

If you don’t grab their attention, then they won’t hesitate to scroll past so it’s time for a new perspective. These tips are here to make sure your content is noteworthy: 

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When it comes to online content, the first step is to get people to stop and take notice. You’ve got to get people to pay attention and striking visuals can make all the difference. If you choose to make the visuals an integral part of the content and they are done well, it can create a perfect opportunity for you to get ahead of your competitors, leading to better results. 


You need to hook people with your first line. If you succeed in creating a cliffhanger moment, your audience will be curious to see what happens next and will naturally continue reading. Just be careful not to give away everything on the first look of the post. There is no point in making your content stand out when people will give it a look and move on. When the purpose of your content is clear with the right structure and a solid angle, it can help drive people to read, watch or listen to more. 


The algorithm and reach NEED to work for you. There’s no point in posting if nobody is seeing it so you need to design your post to encourage people to react and comment. Your audience essentially tells you what they’re interested in by how they chose to interact with you. If they’re more responsive at certain times of day, tailor your content to post at those peak times. If they are desperate to learn more about a topic, you have the chance to deliver the content they’re looking for. The more likes, comments and people you’re driving to your content will make the social algorithms like you and organically promote you to others. 


Quality of quantity is a false argument, you need them both. The only one who can judge your quality is your audience, but to successfully build up a crowd around you, you need to stick to posting regularly at a consistent time. If you commit to a content strategy that keeps the audience coming back, the consistency of those posts will naturally follow. If you drop off and forget to post over time your engagement will dwindle and you’ll need to rebuild your audience. 


Finally, what is in your content for the reader/watcher? Are you actually providing value in what you’re posting? It’s important not to promote all the time, so make sure you’re giving away tips and actionable advice. You want to build up a community that is genuinely interested in what you have to say. 

There will always be room for content that is interesting, unique, useful and actionable. If you put in the effort and time to make your content stand out, you will reap the rewards. 


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