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4 Simple Tips for Writing a Successful Job Description on LinkedIn featured image

4 Simple Tips for Writing a Successful Job Description on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect place to advertise for a job opportunity. With over half a billion users, you would assume you are guaranteed to find the perfect candidate. However, your job description and advertisement are just as likely to get buried among the millions of open job postings. With these four simple tips, you can make sure your post is successful in reaching the right people.

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Job Description Details

Making sure the description of the job you are advertising outlines all the necessary details is essential but you don’t want to overload potential candidates. Even if someone is searching for the specific job you are offering, they can still be put off by intimidating amounts of texts. A quick and easy solution to this is breaking up your text and keeping your sentences concise – only say what is relevant to the job. This includes any industry details! Create a specific outline to help job searches.

Using a standard title will bring the right candidates to you. For example, if you are looking for someone to write social media posts, the title Social Media Content Writer will allow the SEO to filter through the people looking for social media positions, content positions, and writing positions. You are much more likely to find an ideal candidate this way!


Following on from SEO, you want to make sure you are using relevant keywords. LinkedIn’s matching technology will pair your job description with the best candidates. Terms specific to your industry and the job function will filter out anyone unsuitable or simply not interested. As an example, if someone is looking for a job as a chef, using keywords related to the culinary industry is going to make it more likely that they find you.

Outlining key skills using LinkedIn’s ‘add required skills’ feature will have you popping up more in job searches. Sometimes people do not have a specific job in mind when searching and might just want to utilise skills they already have. Someone might have experience teaching but they don’t want to work in a classroom. If they do a job search for teaching or teachers, they could be presented with jobs like a careers advisor in a school. 

Benefits and Perks

A qualified candidate can be hard to nab. While the job description and requirements could be the exact same, someone could accept an offer from another business over yours. If you are able to offer special perks or benefits like mentoring programs, a friendly work environment, or flexible working hours, these will make your business more appealing to candidates. 


Once you have written the perfect job description, there is only one last thing to do. Share! Connect your company’s LinkedIn page or any relevant links to the job post so candidates can learn more about your business. Encourage your employees to share the job posts on their LinkedIn pages with some brief copy about why people should apply. Current employees encouraging people to join the team will really sell the role. Candidates will feel less intimidated knowing that they will be welcomed into a friendly environment. It will also make the role more appealing to see that the current employees are happy and proud of where they work.



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