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Will Gen Z ever see the office? featured image

Will Gen Z ever see the office?

For many, living the 9 to 5 lifestyle has been an unavoidable circumstance of their existence. It has become ingrained into our culture, so much so, that any job that doesn’t fit within this category has often been considered less desirable. But does pouring yourself a cup of ambition look different for this new generation? With the uncertainty constantly swirling these past few years, I suppose the real question is, will Gen Z ever see the office? Is the landscape of corporate work forever changed? Or is Gen Z just not cut out for spending 9-5 behind a desk? 

It’s an interesting question to pose, and one I am looking forward to delving into. 

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Life Post-Pandemic

Many Gen-Z’s are yet to step foot in an office. Not through any fault of their own though. Recent graduates, many of which fall into this ‘Gen Z’ generation, couldn’t even throw their graduation cap up into the air before the world went on lockdown. This not only left many people out of a job, it completely shifted the landscape of work, life and recruitment. Those few graduates who have been able to find a job in such uncertain times may not have had the same experience as the graduates from just a few years before them.  Interview processes have been digitised, shortened, with many people not meeting a single representative from their new company until the day they start their job. Which would, once upon a time, be considered very strange. But Gen Z has seemingly taken this in their stride. 

Then there are Gen Z that are yet to see the office at all, having been employed and under work from home restrictions for several years already. Some businesses are dipping their toes back into the office space, whereas others have recognised the benefits and productivity that comes from working remotely and have no intention of returning anytime soon. 

Will the workforce of this generation be forced into isolation, thrive from the independence, or lose out on valuable skills from the office space? Only time will tell.  

Will Gen Z ever see the Office? – Career Preferences

If anything Gen Z has pioneered the work from home structure. They are the generation of non-conventional careers. Forging paths that previous generations never thought possible.

Whether it be content creation, owning a small business or freelancing, this generation has already subverted traditional work life. 

They grew up with one eye on the screen and another on their future, formulating ways they can utilise their passion, rather than work a job they’re not happy in. 

Social media platforms have created new job roles and opportunities for people to make money from the comfort of their homes. With TikTok’s creator funds, youtube partnerships and the rise of the influencer- it is understandable why so many young people are aspiring to live that kind of lifestyle. 

As we move into the future, it is more and more likely that office workers will become an ageing population, with young people choosing less traditional careers and work schedules. 

Workplace Flexibility 

With growing labour, skill and management shortages the job market is a candidate’s playpen. It is more possible than ever to negotiate with a potential employer. This can include salary, contract terms, benefits and workplace flexibility. 

Many younger people say they always want to work remotely. It is convenient, leaves more flexibility for a healthy work-life balance and offers a sense of freedom even when at work.

However, researchers are arguing that their personal and professional lives will suffer. 

If Gen Z never sees the office, will they never know what it is to close down their computer after a long day? Will they never feel that sigh of relief when they turn the key in their front door? Will the lines between work and home become so blurred that they end up working outside of their contracted work hours? Something to consider. 


It seems like the main takeaway from this discussion is the presence of choice. More than ever the younger generation have the ability to choose their path, fine-tuning along the way if the need were to arise. 

Will Gen Z ever see the Office? The jury is still out on that one. But as businesses evolve and industries shift towards being more conscious of employee wellbeing, it is safe to say that this element of choice will only grow more popular.


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