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Why You Should Be Active On LinkedIn

Many business owners and their employees are still wary of social media and the impact it can have, positive or negative. However, there is one social networking site that could be the key to your success. That site is, of course, LinkedIn. So Why should you be active on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been around for years, but it is only really since the start of the pandemic that people have begun to realise its potential. There are currently around 740 million active users on the site, with each one being a potential opportunity. 

However, it’s not enough to set up an account on LinkedIn and expect the leads to follow. You need to be active and grow your connections in order to build a network that engages with each other. Only then will you see the benefits listed below. 

LinkedIn Assessment

Socially distanced networking 

Networking in person has been made impossible by the events over the last year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with new people in your industry. This is where LinkedIn is the perfect tool. 

Some people have the idea that LinkedIn is only for those looking for a new job. This isn’t at all the case. It provides a platform for you to build a professional network that can help you build brand awareness, create leads and connect with potential clients. 

Not only does this help with networking, but it can help to develop your industry skills, stay up to date with industry trends and share and trade resources with other businesses in your industry. 

Building your brand awareness 

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn is the perfect place to build your brand. This can be brand awareness for your business, or for yourself personally. It’s important to remember that first impressions count so make sure your profile is presentable. 

You can do this by optimising your profile. Include a clear profile picture so you are easily identifiable and make sure all the information on your page is filled out. Not only will this will help people understand who you are and what you or your business can offer them, but it will help to build your trust and credibility within your network. 

Be sure to supplement your profile by creating content and posting it regularly. This will get your brand further into your network so more people will engage with your page. Share relevant information for your industry and like and comment on other peoples posts. This will cement your position as a thought leader in your industry.  

Making research easy 

Being active on LinkedIn not only helps you build a professional network and brand awareness. It can also help with other aspects of your business. For example, when you are interacting with other industry experts you are likely to see trending topics, helping you stay on top of what’s important in your industry. 

You can also use the site to conduct research into potential clients, or even your competitors. LinkedIn company pages often have links to their employees and showcase current news and events. This will help you tailor a sales pitch for a potential customer or see where your competitors are succeeding. 

Recruitment is a breeze 

While we have already mentioned that LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunting, it is a useful recruitment tool. In fact, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a first step to seeking out potential candidates for open roles. 

Having an active profile makes you more desirable as a candidate as recruiters can identify your experience, qualifications and industry knowledge by looking at your profile. It can also increase your chances of being headhunted even if you are not looking for a new position. 

From an employer’s perspective, recruiting using LinkedIn is a no brainer. Checking out candidates profiles can make creating shortlists easier. However, it can go both ways. A candidate may be put off working for a business if their LinkedIn lacks content or engagement, which is why it is important to remain active.  

How to make LinkedIn work for you

It is clear that LinkedIn can be a very useful business tool when used properly. The key to finding success on the site is being active and creating the right content. This can be overwhelming for some people but there is help on offer. 

At Maverrik we offer a wide range of free and paid for training to get you up to speed with everything LinkedIn. From teaching you how to optimise your profile for the best results to providing a step by step guide to social selling, our team can help you reach your LinkedIn goals. Find out more by getting in touch or you can view our upcoming events here.


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