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Why Keyword Research Will Change How You Prospect Featured Image

Why Keyword Research Will Change How You Prospect

Keywords may seem like wishful thinking rather than art. You add a certain phrase or word and you’ll be saddled with more prospects than ever before. Or on the other hand, use the wrong wording and be sat with time wasters or your competitors. This is why keyword research will change how you prospect. 

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How To Find The Right Keywords 

The right keywords can be researched using a number of different tools online. From a simple Google search to a full-blown deep dive using keyword research tools like ahrefs, semrush etc. But, how do you know the right keywords are the right ones for you? Your content can tell you a lot for a start. 

If you talk about a certain topic that seems to appear in your client’s worlds a lot and the posts start generating the interest you’ll have a topic to start with. Using this topic you can research the words associated with the topic and construct a list of keywords your audience is drawn to. The trick to finding the right keywords is digging down and understanding more about your audience. You have to ask the right questions and take note of the answers, language and phrases your prospects use. 

Using Keywords To Find The Right People 

If you want to find the right prospects you need to know a little bit more about them than their title. If you took a look at your past client’s what did they have in common? What would they write in the about section that could refine your search? On the other hand, what would they search for when browsing for answers to their problems? Incorporate those into your headline and content and you’ll surely attract their attention. 

Keep Your Keywords Updated

If you haven’t updated your contacts in a couple of years your list will look a bit stale and inactive. Especially if you’ve already connected, discussed and pitched those prospects. There can be something said about repeating the same process with the same people and expecting better results. This is why it’s important to keep your keywords up-to-date and always look to see where the tide is turning. Language is always evolving and terms come and go. Staying ahead of these keyword changes will change how you prospect by giving you insights into where the world is heading. 

Searches and social media platforms are essentially governed by algorithms and these thrive off analysis and data. This data can be predominantly phrases and keywords used by your prospects online. Knowing how to use these keywords in your campaigns, searches and prospecting activities will help you reach the right people and improve your figures as a result. 


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