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Why It's Essential To Post On a Tuesday Featured Image

Why It’s Essential To Post On a Tuesday

What’s the best time to post on LinkedIn? When is the best time to post at all? Some days are more active than others for certain audiences. The catchy title aside the best days to post online are usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7 AM. But, the right time to post is every day at the same time. This blog is all about why it’s essential to post. But first, why Tuesday? 

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Certain Days Have a Better Traction 

When it comes to email marketing the best time to reach someone is Tuesday. It has the best clickthrough rate and the reason is basic human nature. On Monday you’re in your office chasing up on in-house emails and preparing for the week ahead. Tuesday is when you’re in the flow of your week, but still lucid enough to make decisions. You’ve shaken off most of the cobwebs. A lot of people still procrastinate, however, staring at another couple of days ahead of them. Which makes this the perfect time to disrupt away from the regular workflow. Offering your audience something to read or do as a distraction. Even giving them the answer to their problems in form of making it easy for them. 

Everyone has a Tuesday 

If you look at your analytics after posting consistently for a couple of weeks you’ll start to notice a trend. Where your audience is most active on certain days and times. If you’re striving for business outside your timezone you’ll notice days and times can vary. Not everyone will get the same traction on a Tuesday, but they can find a Tuesday of their own. Maybe their best day is a Thursday or a Friday due to a change in working habits across countries. The most important thing to take notice of is the numbers and the content. Post similar style posts, media and messages and try them out on different days until you see that pattern. Then save your best posts, or promotional posts for days you know people are the most active. 

Even if you have cracked the code the best way to gain traction online is consistency. Not every post will be a winner, but you’ll amass a following if you make sure you’re posting each day and getting your brand out there. It’s essential to post every day, otherwise, you’ll never be able to work out when your best days to post are. Worse still rely on those days so heavily you’ll be let down when you realise the audience is cooling off on the days you haven’t posted. 

In short, you have worked out when your best days to post are, but if you don’t post every day, with the right content and hashtags, you won’t gain the engagement, viewers and audience you’re looking for. It’s not just essential to post on Tuesday, but essential to post everyday. 


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