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5 Strategies To Increase Your Sales That Won’t Hurt Your Reputation

5 Strategies To Increase Your Sales That Won’t Hurt Your Reputation

Sales shouldn’t come at the expense of your company’s image. You can increase your sales without resorting to pushy tactics or blackhat marketing techniques. Where you resort to some underhanded tactics to get your way. Here are 5 strategies that will increase sales organically which won’t hurt your reputation.


Creating Conversational Content

The best way to increase your sales is to create better relationships. You can achieve this by creating conversational content. Content that will make your audience show where they are mentally in that moment. A LinkedIn poll that describes what your audience dislikes most about their current situation, you can offer a solution down the line. Or, a post describing a problem they interact with. Where you can delve deeper into your messages. Producing enough conversational content will bring in more leads and start more meaningful conversations. 

Leveraging Personal Social Profiles

Personal profiles on LinkedIn will result in most of the sales for your sales team. Creating a strong personal brand for yourself and your team will generate more interest in your business. If your team is developing their brands and becoming thought leaders they will hold a portion of your target leads attention. Being top of mind creates inbound leads and having multiple members of your team holding that attention can only benefit your sales. 

Presenting Value-Based Webinars

Leverage online events through delivering value pieces in the form of webinars. If your content is constructed correctly you’ll be able to have a list of attendees that you can connect with and offer your services. The value can be found in answering key questions that your audience asks all the time or offering a solution to a common problem they are facing. Just make sure you market your webinar and conduct your research well to maximize the effectiveness of your webinar. 

Using Sales Navigator

You can achieve a lot more on Sales Navigator than simply searching for prospects and then sending these people InMails. You can learn a lot about any company you are targeting through alerts, leveraging account mapping to reach the CEO, and taking notes on past conversations. Tools that will help you land bigger clients which will increase your sales. 

The Seven Steps Process

Finally there is Maverrik’s proven method for increasing your sales, leads, and booking more calls. We call it The Seven Steps. Using seven strategic actions together you can go from a complete unknown to a valuable asset to your prospects. All it takes is a well-thought-out social selling approach and well-timed prospecting. Ask our team about The Seven Step Tracker. 

Pushy tactics make you and your prospects feel uneasy or pressured to make snap decisions. These decisions usually lead to the wrong services being delivered down the line or a shakey relationship as a whole. This is why you need to ensure your sales strategies lead to a more natural approach.

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