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Why Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

When you approach social media as a business what are the most important elements you need to consider? Branding? Communication? Well, one thing needs to be at the front of your mind. Content marketing strategy. 

What is a Content Marketing Strategy? 

Essentially a content marketing strategy is a plan of what your business will put out into the world in the form of pictures, videos, podcasts or even articles. Content for content’s sake would be picking up a camera, filming on a random subject and putting it on your social channels. If the content is good enough this could work in gaining a little attention, but overall it won’t work as a strategy. 

A content marketing strategy will take planning, coordination and knowledge of the platforms you’re planning to use. There are a few techniques marketers use to ensure their content reaches its maximum potential. From strategic SEO optimisation to random giveaways to garner attention.

Why is a Content Marketing Strategy Necessary?

With a content marketing strategy you can create a full social media campaign that will deliver results. Whether you’re looking for exposure or to generate leads. It’s necessary to have a strategy moving forwards so each post helps get your brand’s message out there to the world. When you shout out into a crowd, maybe one or two people will hear your message. If you keep shouting you’ll be able to get the attention you’re looking for. But, be careful, this doesn’t work outside in the real world. Unless you’re shouting Free Doughnuts. 

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How do you create a strategy that works? 

There are no definitive ways to create content. It’s a creative field and relies on creative people doing what they do best. Using their expertise and unique mindset to design captivating, engaging content. The strategy, however, is a little different. There are methods and approaches you can employ that will get your content seen and your message across. 

Step 1 : Define Your Anchor 

First, define the anchor point of your content. What message are you trying to send to your target audience? This anchor point could be a solution to a problem they are facing or simply highlighting your own product’s existence. It could even be your company’s tag-line you’d like to become more well known. Companies strive for a simple phrase to become synonymous with their brands. When I type “Just Do It” you’re immediately thinking about Nike. Or maybe the classic Shia Labeouf meme, but we’ll stick with Nike for this context. 

Step 2: Use the Anchor 

Next, incorporate your content around that anchor point. If your anchor is “we make you smell nice” you can create videos of your product doing just that. You could send out old school scratch and sniff cards. You could have a picture of someone standing next to a worker covered in sewage with a gleaming face because your product can make anyone smell nice. Once you have that anchor point the content and ideas can erupt from your team like a volcano. 

Step 3: Raise the Anchor 

The strategy then comes into play where you put your content out into the world. You need to post at the right time for your target audience to see it and on the right platform. Facebook content is different from LinkedIn Content. Youtube content is predominantly longer than a TikTok video. You need to know what works on the platform when you need to post and should be posting consistently. 

Step 4: Don’t Be a 

No idea is a bad idea, so allow your strategy to be flexible. Don’t let the anchor weigh you don’t, let it ground you. Content is a creative field, so as long as your team has the message, take into consideration every idea. Not every post is going to give you millions of views, so temper expectations and allow the views to grow steadily. Before you know it you’ll have the output you’re looking for.


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