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Why Boolean Search Is The Best Way To Search

If you’re looking to find the right people to connect with on LinkedIn Boolean Search is the best way to go about it. Not only will it help remove connections that won’t benefit you, but it’ll help you find vital prospects that can turn into your best clients. This is why Boolean search is the best way to search. 

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A Boolean search is where you add quotation marks around your search term so you search for the specific words rather than collate all the keywords in the phrase. For example: 

Searching for: Marketing Manager will present you with the search for Marketing and Manager, putting the results together. 

Whereas searching for: “Marketing Manager” will search specifically for the phrase Marketing Manager. 

Boolean Searches for full titles rather than keywords 

If you look at how the search engine presents information you will see a difference between searching for: marketing manager and “marketing manager”. Boolean search will ensure the title of the person you’re searching for is marketing manager rather than a general manager at your local business. 

This Will Help Your Prospecting 

When you’re looking to connect with more decision markers on LinkedIn you want to make sure you’re searching for the right people. If your search appears to be crowded with irrelevant people try a Boolean search and see the results. The more time you spend scrolling through people you don’t want to target, the more time you’ll be wasting each time you search. Just fining the people to connect with is the first hurdle, but it’s that can be made a lot easier to get over when you’ve optimised your searches. 

Removing and Combining Certain Keywords

You can also use this search to remove certain keywords from your search by placing a NOT in front of the topic, so if you wanted to exclude salespeople from your searches all you need to do is add NOT “sales” after your initial search. 

You can also combine searches by using AND, so if you wanted to search for marketing and sales you would search for “Marketing” AND “sales”. The AND before the next search will combine the search results. 

So why not just drop the quotation marks? Well, your results will look for the closest match so you wouldn’t have a list of both terms, but the closest matchup possible. Leading to a wide range of results. 

Refining how you search will save you time and give you more accurate results, which is what makes boolean search the best way to search for new connections on LinkedIn. 


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