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What is Organic Business Growth?

Organic business growth is more than just another word for selling more. You’ll see sales and revenue are a big part of growing a business organically. Output, capacity and scale are all a large part of organic growth. Now, let’s take a look at defining organic business growth and what it could look like in your business. 

First, let’s define what organic growth looks like. It comes in the form of increased output and enhanced sales without any outside influences. Just internal strategies, using already owned resources to grow the business. This is Organic business growth. No mergers or acquisitions, or purchasing new businesses in that period. Just you and your tools at hand. 

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Organic Growth Strategies

Organic growth offers freedom for business owners in terms of strategy as it relies on internal movements. Control that would naturally be lost in a merger or acquisition. Different methods of pursuing original sales growth revolve around offering something new. A new product line or service. Maybe a promotion to make existing assets more attractive.

Team training upskills the company, thus making it perform at a higher level than ever before. If you want to achieve organic business growth we’ve recently published an article that will help. 

How to Measure Your Growth Rate 

“Revenue growth on $1,000, with a consistent 50% monthly growth rate”. 

You can measure your organic growth by comparing revenues year over year and comparable sales. To calculate your growth rate, enter the value over one year, subtract the starting value from the final value, divide by the starting value. If you multiply this result by 100 you will receive your growth rate as a percentage. 

Organic Growth through Social 

A new concept of organic growth for businesses comes in the form of their presence online. This could be in the form of its presence online, engagement or the number of followers acquired. LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube all offer analytics which makes tracking growth easier to follow and manage. Achieving organic growth from social media would be showcasing a rise of engagement, followers and views without the use of advertising platforms or botted accounts. If you use these services to inject engagement, your analytics will be skewed as a result. Tracking your growth can be as important as the growth itself as you can see what is working and what needs to be improved. by fudging the numbers you may end up investing a lot of time in the wrong places.

Why is Organic Growth Important? 

A straightforward answer: organic growth is the difference between a company coasting and thriving. The level your company can grow organically showcases its potential. If you feel your business has grown to a point it can’t achieve any more organic growth you need to look deeper into your services. Finally, without organic growth, a business can become stagnant and its place in the market will soon deteriorate. 

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