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5 Essential Tools to Achieve Organic Business Growth

5 Essential Tools to Achieve Organic Business Growth

If you want to get organic business growth, you need to gain new customers or find new ways to maximise the potential of your existing ones. So, here are the 5 essential tools to achieve organic business growth. 

Utilise your existing customers 

One way of making sure that you are getting more people to buy from you is by marketing to your existing customers. It may be difficult to convince them to buy even more from you, especially if you are trying to make a larger profit than before, but it is important to continue to promote your latest products. Doing this will increase your profits and help you increase your customer base.

One thing that you need to remember is that to be successful at it, you will have to work hard and not take any customer for granted. You need to be willing to invest some time into it. Make sure that you are promoting better products and services consistently and effectively. If you do this regularly, you will be able to have a stronghold on your customer base and get the results you need.

Implement a Social Media Strategy  

It is not enough to just have a product or a service; you need to be able to get more people to use your product or services. One of the most important things that you can do is find ways of getting the word out about your products or services so that more people will want to use them.

Social Media Marketing is an important part of any business and can be done effectively with the right strategy. You can easily promote your products through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  Frequently writing articles about your product and posting them on article websites, blogs and news sites will immensely improve that product’s reach online. 

If you’re struggling to achieve the results you’re looking for on social media you can invest in training that will help guide you and your team through the process.

Market yourself on and offline 

The other method is to use the power of traditional and Internet marketing. The more you can use the Internet to advertise your products or services, the greater reach you will have. Traditional marketing techniques can only go so far and require a larger budget. 

You can also implement a variety of techniques that help get your company seen easier online. These techniques include search engine optimization, article marketing and paid advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation 

Another important aspect of promoting is SEO (search engine optimization). You need to focus on making sure that you are ranking high enough in search engines so that people can easily find your product. If you are the number one website for a product or service you are guaranteed consideration from your audience looking for those services. A majority of consumers will look at the top appearance within a google search engine as the leading expert on the topic they search for. Just make sure you are ranking for the correct search terms. 


One last thing that you should do is to focus on providing testimonials for your product and also the people that use it. You want to give them good honest information about the quality of their products. Obviously a company is going to say they are the best in the business. But, a glowing recommendation from a consumer will say a lot more. Everyone online will google a product or check the reviews before immediately purchasing. Especially if the purchase is over a certain monetary threshold. 

You can achieve organic business growth through appealing to a large audience and increasing your sales. This is achieved through the right online marketing strategy and growth plan. If you’re looking for both of these head over to our Free Training section to learn more about growing your business. 

Luke Tew

Luke Tew

I'm Maverrik's Head of Digital Media. You may remember me from such videos as Sales Fails, Maverrik Live and Board-game Reviewers Gone Wild.
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