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Watching and Engaging with Live Videos on LinkedIn

Live content is all the rage right now. You can’t log into Instagram or Facebook without being notified that an acquaintance is going live. Streaming your life has become as expected as sharing a family photo or a status update. But live videos don’t just have to be frivolous and fun. They can also be utilised in a number of ways to encourage engagement and educate an audience, especially on LinkedIn. But do you know the proper way to watch and engage with live videos on LinkedIn? Well, now’s the time to learn.


How do I find Live Videos on LinkedIn? 

You can discover a Live Video from your homepage feed or if you have been prompted by your LinkedIn notifications. 

  • A red Live badge on the upper left of a video means it’s streaming in real-time.
  • You can find a stream in the background photo section of the broadcaster who is streaming.
  • For a member or Page going live, a notification will alert members who follow the member or Page.

Accessing Live Video streams on a broadcaster’s profile

When a LinkedIn user starts broadcasting, their profile background photo will automatically change to display their Livestream. You can watch the broadcast as is, on their profile or you can click on their stream to open Theatre Mode, where you can have a better view of the stream. 

Engaging with Live Videos

You can engage with a live video on LinkedIn in a number of ways, interacting with the host in real-time by reacting, liking and commenting.

How to engage with live videos on LinkedIn:

  • At any point in the Live video, you can react by clicking the react icons in the lower right corner of the video. You can remove these reactions at any time.
  • Throughout the duration of the stream, you can post multiple comments.
  • You can also interact with other viewers’ comments by clicking the Like icon in the upper corner of the comment.

Things to know when watching LinkedIn Live Videos

  • If necessary a broadcaster can delete comments and mute certain viewers. Restricting commenting and reacting privileges. 
  • When watching and engaging with Live Videos on LinkedIn’s mobile app, you can place the broadcast in quiet mode.
  • You can do this by rotating your phone to landscape mode and clicking the arrow at the top of the chat or simply swiping in either direction to hide the chat. 
  • Some videos may have closed captions available. If so, there’ll be a CC button in the lower right corner of the video. You can switch it on or off using this button. 
  • You can replay and embed a live video if this feature is enabled by the page or member. The replay video will appear in the broadcaster’s feed after the stream ends.
  • A replay or live stream can only be embedded from LinkedIn if the broadcaster allows it.  

Now you know the basics of watching and engaging with Live Videos on LinkedIn, you can go get stuck in. 

You never know, you might even learn something.

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