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Using LinkedIn to Build a Better Sales Team

LinkedIn is a great tool for sales professionals to use when it comes to generating leads and improving their sales. Now that businesses have to pivot business online to some degree, sales using social media isn’t just recommended but necessary for survival. Your sales team needs to be able to flex their sales skills online. Thankfully, you can use the tools available on Linkedin to build a better sales team. 

Combined Efforts 

One of the most important things you should do when using LinkedIn is to set up your profile strategically. The first few sentences should outline who you are and what you’re offering. If you have several people on a team tackling the same area the profile and content they put out should dominate that space. Remember to keep all profiles branded correctly and professional throughout. 

A divide and conquer strategy may work for larger organisations looking to cover more ground. With select members or teams tackling different countries, target audiences or even key people you would like to do business with. 

LinkedIn Assessment

LinkedIn Training 

Some LinkedIn trainers aren’t for everyone, but if you need basic LinkedIn tips or just want some practical advice they can help you effectively utilise the site. Our events bring together everyone from sales directors, to business owners and marketing managers. Anyone willing to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively for generating more business for their company. 

Sales professionals can get a lot out of using LinkedIn. It’s a powerful networking tool that allows them to connect with other sales professionals in their field through their personal profiles and business connections. As a salesperson, you can also build relationships with your prospects and customers through content marketing. But, if you’re new to the site or just don’t know how to best use LinkedIn, you’ll fall behind those already clearing up on the site. 

If you want more detailed help and guidance on how you can take advantage of LinkedIn for better sales results, you might want to join a LinkedIn training session. There, you’ll find a wealth of information on improving your performance and building relationships with your clients. A course designed specifically for sales professionals will offer tips and tricks on creating, building, and maintaining strong relationships with your sales team, your prospect base, and your customers.


Different people will respond differently to a message. The wording or the person it’s coming from all play a factor on how a message will be received. Which is why it’s important to build up your reputation before messaging a person out of nowhere. What can be even worse is multiple messages from the same company that don’t hit the right notes. So, you need a concise approach that everyone adheres to. Don’t just go at LinkedIn with a sledgehammer and expect results. All the motivation in the world can’t rebuild a bridge that has been burnt via constant sales messages from the same organization. 

Communication is important when it comes to a good team, so your team needs to work together to ensure the messages aren’t turning people away. Most importantly communicate who they are talking to so there isn’t any crossover or confusion. 

There are a lot of different factors that make up an effective team on LinkedIn. It can take some time to get right, but you can streamline the process with the right strategy. 


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