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How to Upgrade Your Premium LinkedIn Subscription to Sales Navigator featured image

How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Subscription to Sales Navigator

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your premium LinkedIn subscription to better suit your brand’s needs. Upgrading your LinkedIn subscription to a Sales Navigator account is easy to do through both desktop and iOS devices. 

Changing your subscription on LinkedIn is simple. But, can only be done through the original method you initially used to purchase your current account. If you purchased your account through the desktop version of LinkedIn you can use the following steps. iOs users will have to follow a slightly different process due to the payment being through iTunes rather than directly through LinkedIn. 


The Steps to Follow

Firstly, click on the ‘Me’ icon found at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Then press on Premium Subscription Settings OR access My Premium from the drop-down menu. After going through these processes, you should see Manage Premium Subscription. Click here and select the new Sales Navigator Subscription. 

However, if you purchased your LinkedIn subscription via an iOS device, your payments will be processed through your iTunes account. You’ll need to cancel it the same way.

If you want to upgrade your subscription through iOS, you will first need to cancel your auto-renewal for your current premium subscription.

Once this has been cancelled, wait for your subscription to expire. This may take around 30 days to do depending on the last billing date. 

Once your subscription is cancelled, proceed with the above steps.

To make the steps more simple, follow this process:

  1. Click ‘Me’
  2. Premium Subscription Settings OR My Premium 
  3. Manage Premium Subscription 
  4. Sales Navigator Subscription


  1. Cancel Auto-Renewal on iTunes
  2. Wait for the subscription to expire 
  3. Take out a new Sales Navigator subscription on desktop or iOS

Currently, there is no option to upgrade your LinkedIn account through Android devices, instead, open up LinkedIn through a desktop device and change it through there following the steps above. 

What Next?

That’s it! Now you’ve upgraded your Premium LinkedIn subscription to a Sales Navigator subscription. You will have access to exclusive features to help build sales prospects for your business. 

You can now get leads customised to suit your selling preferences, see who viewed your profile and narrow your list of prospects. Alongside an extensive list of criteria. There are a lot of good reasons to upgrade your LinkedIn subscription to Sales Navigator. There are better tools for prospecting and growing your account strategically is easier. With this tutorial, you’re now on your way to LinkedIn success.

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