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6 Ways to Expand Your Professional Network on LinkedIn featured image

6 Ways to Expand Your Professional Network on LinkedIn

When thinking about expanding our professional network we can often mistake aimless scrolling, likes, and half-hearted interactions for genuine connections. The reality is that building a strong and interactive network takes time, effort and needs to be maintained to be able to feel the benefits. This is why it’s so important to optimise the free tools available to you on LinkedIn. This ensures your profile stands out, that you’re making the best virtual impression possible and you are building meaningful and beneficial connections. To get you started we have listed 6 easy ways you can begin to expand your professional network on Linkedin:


1. Connect with other LinkedIn members

It sounds simple, but connecting with LinkedIn members is a crucial aspect needed to build a community. In doing so you can stay in touch with former colleagues, alumni and recruiters. As well as connect with new opportunities and professionals in the same sector.

2. Utilise LinkedIn Groups 

Using the LinkedIn groups as a way to interact with topics and conversations of interest also gives you instant access to thousands of group members who either work in the industry, live in the same city or have similar interests. This allows you to join discussions, post insightful content and have interactions that could generate potential network leads.

3. Request a referral

LinkedIn users now often use the’ request a referral’ option. Useful when seeking positions with companies, where one of their connections already works at the hiring company. This feature is beneficial to both the potential candidate and those responding to the referrals. It helps create a reputable character profile and sense of trust, both of which are imperative.

4. Contact the job poster

You can contact job posters via InMail to tell companies why you want the job. This is a great tool for companies to use as it opens up a conversation between candidate and employer before potentially progressing to interview. This can help save valuable time throughout the recruitment process.

5. Follow companies LinkedIn pages

LinkedIn users can follow up to a thousand organisations, where they will be updated with posts and recent news. This means you have constant access and connection to the organisations that feel relevant to you. Users also can follow and keep up with the changes being implemented with your own companies page.

6. Engaging content

Posting engaging content is one of the best ways to expand your professional network. Creating interesting, informative and quality content gives you a higher chance of reaching a wider audience. An audience who are likely to engage and connect with your company. 

Of course, it’s important to remember that expanding your professional network isn’t an overnight process. However, taking the outlined steps towards creating a content-rich and professional LinkedIn account you will be able to see results. It might just be one of the best career investments you make! 

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