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Two Key Tools of LinkedIn Creator Mode Featured Image

The Two Key Tools of LinkedIn Creator Mode

LinkedIn Creator Mode is a profile setting on your dashboard that you can utilise to help you grow your reach and influence on the platform. When you turn on this tool, you get access to additional tools that help you to create content and grow your audience. 

LinkedIn Assessment

Some of the existing features range from your original content being highlighted on your profile by moving your Featured and Activity sections, to becoming eligible to be featured as a suggested creator to follow so more people discover you and your creations on LinkedIn. 

They have recently rolled out a couple of nifty new tools that will be key to making an impression on your audience and any newcomers checking you out. Creator mode now offers access to live video and a newsletter feature. Let’s check them out.  

Live Video

LinkedIn live allows you to broadcast content directly to your profile so that you can interact with your audience in real-time. This puts a voice to that face your followers have been seeing all over their feeds. It’s a great tool for driving deeper engagement and establishing yourself as a thought leader. 

LinkedIn does list some guidelines as to best practices when it comes to broadcasting on their platform. Some of these include: 

  • Being prepared and having a good grasp of your subject matter
  • Be consistent with your broadcasting schedule
  • Be engaging to build a deeper connection with your audience
  • Be proactive and plan your events weeks in advance to build attendance


Newsletters on LinkedIn are similar to an email newsletter. They are a set of regularly published articles that you have written on LinkedIn. When you publish one, subscribers will receive a notification to read your latest content offering. 

Some top tips from LinkedIn themselves are to: 

  • Choose the name for your newsletter carefully to attract readers and make your theme clear.
  • Use a logo and a cover photo! This will increase engagement in attracting people to your newsletter
  • Be consistent. As with anything on LinkedIn, you need to be consistent. Publish regularly and on a schedule so your subscribers can get familiar with it and regularly consume and engage. 

So, there we have it. Two exciting new tools from LinkedIn Creator Mode that will help you to boost your content and garner more engagement. LinkedIn are striving to bring in new creators to the platform, even creator their own LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program designed to aid


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