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The Top 5 Biggest Business Trends For 2021 featured image

The Top 5 Biggest Business Trends For 2021

As we send off the year everyone regards as the worst year of the current generation let’s do what all articles in late December try to accomplish. Uncover the top 5 biggest business trends for 2021. From the good, bad and the obvious. This is where I see the focus of the next year heading. 

1. Data, Data, Data

Data will still be the headline for technology industries the world over, with more talks on where it’s coming from, where to get it, and how it’s being used. As it’s an all-encompassing trendy word and is going to remain in headlines for years to come. For businesses, your next move for 2021 is understanding your data, sourcing it ethically and using what you have to its fullest potential. You can’t implement your business redefining strategy without the right data. 

2. Sustainability

The global sustainability discussion isn’t going away anytime soon and governments, consumers and clients all have their footprints in mind. Working with businesses that have the world’s best interests at heart. The next generation is considered the most globally aware generation to date, who are very concerned about their purchasing habits. Yesterday was the time to be thinking sustainable. The next best time is right now. 


3. Social Selling 

If you’ve read any Maverrik article you know this was coming. This is because it’s true. Home workers, salespeople and business owners need to be able to sell themselves online. There is no larger opportunity to do so than through social media. If you’re B2B you need to learn how to leverage social media to source clients and generate leads. 

4. Embrace Virtual 

Death of the high-street isn’t just a catchy name for a band, it’s, unfortunately, happening all around us. Thanks to the pandemic this is more apparent than ever. Therefore there is a focus on delivering a service online. Creating a need for more “try before you buy” options online. Using digital media some companies have employed virtual avatars to show off their make-up, clothes and accessories. 

5. Redefining The Business Model 

From bringing the shopping experience online to adding new take-out services, companies have been left little option but to redefine their business model. Although businesses have always had to think about their future growth, it will be more important in 2021 to innovate the business model. Even if the “new normal” becomes the old model there is a call for a new way to deliver your business for it to become more robust to change. 

Following trends isn’t the Maverrik style, but you need to have a good view of where the future is heading for business. Which is why you need an understanding of how the landscape is going to look for business trends in 2021. Hopefully, new businesses will be able to thrive and grow, increasing jobs and easing the oncoming anxiety that comes with the unknown. Happy New Year! 

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