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Social Selling Tips for a Small Business in 2021

With the New Year raging full steam ahead a lot of small businesses are eager to put the past year behind them and spearhead 2021. Here are a few essential social selling tips for any business looking to make 2021 their best year. 

Identify Your Solution

You can’t simply call yourself a “blank” business anymore and expect anyone to immediately think of you when they have a need. Your business needs to be the solution. Before you even start with your social selling effort you need to be able to sell that solution. The best way to sell that solution is to understand it fully and exploit the problem. Talk about the problem, why the problem can’t be solved but just anyone and how your business is the solution. Through identifying your solution you can use it to be the focal point of your content. With content being an essential part of any social selling strategy, having a solution to inspire your content is a gift that will keep on giving for your business. 


Keep on Giving

Prize draws, freebies and discounts may feel like a race to the bottom, but you need incentives when it comes to new business. Once people have a taste of your business and the service you provide it’s up to your business to make an impression. However, you still need to get them through the door and be interested in what you’re doing. You don’t always have to make it a prized gift. Giving could mean anything from a quick article link to a 30-day trial. What is essential is you keep on offering something to your audience which will draw them into your business. With a variety of small businesses in 2021 turning towards social selling, you need to take every chance you can to give yourself an edge over the competition. 

Create Relationships

Creating customers is a lot easier than creating returning customers of your business. So you need to create relationships online that will turn into return customers. With each new offering, you’ll find those fans keeping those offerings afloat. Ensuring they were worth the time and money to create them. Creating relationships doesn’t just have the benefit of making more sales, those relationships can help you understand your audience and clients better. You can learn areas of improvement, what draws them in and what areas of your business they are most interested in. 

Use All The Tools 

Each social platform has its own tools, rules and algorithms. To social sell as a small business in 2021, you need to be able to leverage them all. Each new content tool that comes out you need to be able to effectively use to your advantage. Short-form content is an important tool to master this year and many different, long-established, platforms have been designing their own variant. Whether you’re looking at reels, fleets or TikToks there are a lot of short-form content platforms being made. 

But, that was just one tool, there are plenty of different tools available for social selling. Search bars, metrics, engagement tools are just a small selection of social media tools. You need to use all of them if you’re looking to maximise your impact for your small business online. 

If you’re looking for the right social selling tips for your small business this year, 2021, ensure you’re keeping up to date with all the trends and check out all the free training available from Maverrik. 

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