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Six Ways To Connect With People On Linkedin

LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting to like-minded professionals, alumni, colleagues, or recruiters.  All you need to connect with people on LinkedIn is a primary email address to send out invitations. Other members will then become a 1st-degree connection upon accepting. As long as you have an optimised LinkedIn profile of course.

Once you’re connected with someone you can access the information on their profile, see their activity, posts and vice versa. You can have a maximum of 30,000 1st-degree connections after which users can only follow you. 

There are lots of ways to connect with people on LinkedIn…


Finding the Right Connections

In using the Search results page feature to find people to connect with, you can simply click/tap the Connect button to the right of the member’s information.  

The main way to connect with somebody is by visiting their profile and clicking the Connect button on their profile page. You’ll be given the option to add a short message, this is a good way to introduce yourself and give some context for connecting. 

Don’t forget about those waiting to connect with you! Another way to connect with people on LinkedIn is to accept some pending invitations. You can find those by heading to your My Network page on Linkedin’s Navigation Bar. Simply press accept (if you want to) next to their invitation!

Potential connections also pop up on this page as people you may know, if you see anybody you’d like to connect with, simply press the Connect button below the member’s name to send an invitation. 

Another way to ask is to leverage your connections. Contact a mutual connection to help you connect by sending a message to help connect you to a 2nd-degree connection. It’s the digital equivalent of having an introduction face to face. 

A final way to connect with people on LinkedIn is through importing contacts using their email addresses. From your My Network page, head to ‘More Options’ under the Add Personal Contacts section on the left-hand side navigation bar. From here you’ll be given the option to import a variety of email contacts or upload a data file. 

6 ways to connect with people on LinkedIn

To recap, you can easily access six ways to connect with people on Linkedin. Here’s a quick way to navigate the site in order to do so. 

  1. Member’s profile
  2. Search results page 
  3. Grow Your Network page
  4. My Network page
  5. People you may know
  6. Leverage Connections 
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