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Reporting Harassment on LinkedIn

Though we’d all rather believe that the internet is a lovely magical place where everyone is friendly, unfortunately, that is just not the case. The internet can be quite a vicious place sometimes and this can, and often does extend to LinkedIn. We hope you’ll never need to use the feature but in case you do, it’s good that you know the process of reporting harassment on LinkedIn. You wouldn’t accept harassment on the street or at your workplace. So why should you tolerate it online? 

LinkedIn Assessment

Threats and abuse

People are opinionated, and that’s the cool thing about being human. We are able to vocalise our view on a subject and have the capability to respect someone else’s opinion. Well most of us. 

If someone disagrees with a post you’ve made or an opinion you’ve shared but isn’t able to communicate without resorting to rudeness, insults or threats you should probably report them to LinkedIn for harassment. 

Aside from this if you believe that someone may be using LinkedIn in a damaging manner, spreading misinformation or being offensive. Or perhaps something just doesn’t look right and someone’s safety may be at risk- we’d definitely encourage you to report the person in question. 

Report Harassment on LinkedIn

Here are the quick and easy steps to reporting harassment and abuse on LinkedIn. Even if you’re unsure, you should always report an offender and not let this sort of behaviour slide. 

  • At the upper right corner of the message, post, or on the right side of the comment select the three dot More icon 
  • Click Report this post or Report.
  • When asked Why are you reporting this? Select Harassment.

Following this, LinkedIn promises to review the content or an entire account if necessary. In order to make an informed decision and the appropriate steps. 

After reporting a member on LinkedIn, you should receive emails with updates of any action taken against the account. 

Block a member on LinkedIn 

Sometimes someone isn’t necessarily being offensive or intentionally inflammatory, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to feel uncomfortable with their account or content. If this is the case, you have the option of blocking a member on LinkedIn. 

This will ensure that you won’t see their content in the future and they won’t be able to interact with yours either. 

Keeping Harassment off of LinkedIn

Now you know how to report harassment, you can help make sure that LinkedIn remains a safe and pleasant place to be. If you see something which is obvious harassment of an individual don’t be above reporting the users. No platform wants to see what they’ve created turned into a tool for abuse.


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