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Removing The People Also Viewed Section on Your LinkedIn Profile Featured Image

Removing The People Also Viewed Section On Your LinkedIn Profile

The People also viewed section on your LinkedIn profile is a tool that shows LinkedIn members the other users they may be interested in connecting with. Unfortunately for business owners competitors can show up within this section on your profile. Who would want a competitor highlighted on their own profile? No one. So here is how you remove the people also viewed section on your profile. 

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Why Does LinkedIn Include This Section?

The People Also Viewed feature shows a list of similar LinkedIn members. It collects them by including profiles that viewers have also looked at, as well as similarities in job titles and industries. This means users can go through a cycle of viewing more and more profiles. Keeping users on the platform. If users are looking for a service or business they can use this feature to essentially shop around. 

LinkedIn uses this feature to keep people on their platform and reading a list of profiles and their content. Dwell time is what all social platforms strive to achieve, which makes the people also viewed section appealing for LinkedIn to keep. 

How To Remove The People Also Viewed section 

On the desktop version…

  1. Head to your Settings and Privacy by clicking on Me and Settings and Privacy
  2. Under account preferences click on People Also Viewed
  3. Toggle this section to Off
  4. Your privacy settings will automatically be saved

How to remove the section on your LinkedIn app 

  1. Tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Account preferences.
  4. Under General preferences, tap People also viewed.
  5. Switch the toggle to the left to remove the box from your profile

Changes will be saved automatically.

Can The Section Help You In Any Way? 

The downside of keeping the section on your profile can actually benefit you if your competitor’s profiles haven’t removed the section. It will put your profile on the list which will benefit your discoverability. All you need to do is ensure your profile is public so anyone has the opportunity to find your profile. Whether that’s on a search or through the people also viewed section. 

There are a lot of default settings which can affect your social selling on LinkedIn. There are many reasons to remove them, especially the people also viewed section. It works well for LinkedIn themselves, but not for anyone else looking to prospect and avoid the competition. 

Luke Tew

Luke Tew

Head of Digital Media at Maverrik - Developing businesses with content.

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