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Publishing Articles On LinkedIn

Do you love creating written content on LinkedIn? Do you have expertise or interest in a specific topic? Is the LinkedIn post word limit just simply not enough to get your message across? Never fear, LinkedIn articles are the solution you need. Never published one? Don’t worry, I’m about to tell you exactly how to publish an article on LinkedIn. 


Who can write an article? 

Luckily, there’s no restriction to who can publish an article on LinkedIn. Even if you’re just the average joe who scrolls through the homepage now and then, you can still write an article on any topic of your choice. Even if it’s just an article all about dogs!

How to publish an article

Once you’ve written your masterpiece, it’s time to share it with the world (of LinkedIn). To publish it on LinkedIn, you need to…

  • Click on “Write article” near the top of the homepage and underneath the “Start your post” feature. 
  • Put in your “Headline” at the top of the article. 
  • Click the “Write here” section to add to your article, or start writing it if you haven’t already done so. 
  • You can also add images, hyperlinks and other elements to spruce up your article. 
  • You’re then ready to press “Publish”. You’ll be given the option to write a relevant “Post copy” to introduce your article. Pro tip: Make sure to add hashtags to your message, this can help you get more views on the link.
  • If you aren’t quite ready to publish your LinkedIn article and want to leave it until another time, you can save it as a draft. As you create your article, LinkedIn automatically saves it as a draft. 

Where will your published article be visible? 

Your published article will be published in the “Activity” section of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn members will be able to find it under the header “Articles”. To increase the visibility of your LinkedIn articles, it’s important to change your privacy settings and set your profile to public. To increase your articles reach, you can also share it to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. 

Publishing articles on LinkedIn is a brilliant way to send a message about your expertise or interests, that doesn’t bound you to a harsh character limit. If you love writing content, this LinkedIn feature is definitely one to take advantage of!

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