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Preparing for an Interview with LinkedIn

Let’s be honest, interviews aren’t exactly fun. Full of stress, unknown questions and potential mistakes, it can feel like quite the mission trying to prepare for a job interview. As much as they may not be the most enjoyable experiences in the world, interviews are a necessary evil. Juggling notes and rehearsing for questions can be quite an exhausting experience, so much so that you can wear yourself out before you even arrive at your interview. But there is an easier way to do things. If you’re struggling you could try preparing for an interview with LinkedIn’s Interview Preparation feature. Setting you up for success. 


Benefits of Interview Preparation with LinkedIn

  • Builds your confidence prior to the interview
  • Gives access to quality videos, informative text, and tips by experts. 
  • You can privately practice your answers to common interview questions. This can be done via recording a video or typing a response.
  • Get instant AI-powered feedback from your recorded video response.
  • Or you can choose a 1st-degree connection that you’d like to review your responses, messaging them for feedback. 

Who can access this feature?

You may be thinking, ‘who can access this interview preparation feature on LinkedIn’. Well, the short answer would be anyone. The longer answer would be that everyone using LinkedIn in the English language can access this useful feature. But there are certain features that are exclusive to LinkedIn’s premium members. 

For instance, a premium member has exclusive access to more specific interview resources. They can view expert-approved sample interview answers. This will offer a better idea of what is expected of you during your interview. To see what exactly recruiters are looking for. So, although the standard access could be beneficial to your interview preparation, it is clear to see how a premium subscription could be even more advantageous. 

How do you access this interview preparation feature?

If you’re preparing for an Interview with LinkedIn it is probably best that you know exactly where to find this interview preparation feature. This feature is accessible directly from the Jobs page straight after you apply for a position via LinkedIn. 

Failing that, you can access this feature at any point from the Jobs Tracker dashboard. 

On desktop:

  • Click the Jobs icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.
  • On the left side select the Interview Prep icon.
  • Click on the Practice and get feedback button
  • A popup will appear where you have the option to Record a Video or Write a response to a variety of interview questions. 

So there you have it. Now you know how to utilise LinkedIn for Interview Preparation you for sure will ace your next interview. 

Remember, interviews don’t have to be such a burden. 

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