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LinkedIn Updates You Need to Know About

We’re nearing the end of 2021, making it the perfect time for reflecting on all that LinkedIn has provided us with throughout the year. But which LinkedIn updates do you need to know about?

There have been countless changes for the ever-popular business-led platform LinkedIn, especially as more and more professionals have found themselves continuing to work from home even post-pandemic. 

This has heightened the sites, active users, sessions and engagement and LinkedIn has introduced an array of new and exciting tools to improve the platform throughout the year.

These new features include everything from stories to selling tools. It’s all about finding ways to increase connections and help you engage your network, which is why LinkedIn is pioneering this new and innovative approach. They want to ensure it’s a better user experience being created. 

LinkedIn Assessment

How has LinkedIn changed in 2021?

Unlike most platforms, LinkedIn has an equal split between its user traffic, with 50% accessing the site from a desktop and the other 50% coming from mobile but if you are primarily a desktop user, you may be unaware of perhaps the biggest update to LinkedIn recently; the introduction of LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories are a mobile-only feature that allows its users to connect with others in a far more personal way. Especially when so many of us are missing that human interaction office life provided, as we can finally have a little more conversation with some visual prompts.

LinkedIn is offering a swipe-up access feature alongside this, for every company page on stories. This means, if you are highlighting a resource, service or promotion on your website, users can simply swipe up in your story, and it will automatically direct them to your webpage.

Post Visibility 

LinkedIn is also improving post visibility and introducing more engagement controls that give its users the ability to control who sees their posts. 

LinkedIn Service Pages

Showcasing your business offerings and services just became a whole lot easier too, with the introduction of LinkedIn Service Pages. 

These service listings are discoverable through your profile and accessible through searching, which means whoever is searching through LinkedIn for services like yours will be able to find them easily.

This makes you and your business even more accessible to potential customers but that isn’t all. LinkedIn also has plans to incorporate feature ratings and reviews on Service Pages soon, with updates to follow!

Advertising Virtual Events

There’s no denying the rise of virtual events throughout the past year, as in-person events became a distant memory. LinkedIn was quick to utilise this opportunity and provided a solution for this growing demand.

This particular feature was a result of the implementation of Event options on company pages and live streaming for events.

Businesses now have the ability to promote their upcoming virtual events with new specialised Event Advertising options. This is a great feature and that will make connecting with and promoting events to potential customers and business representatives far easier. It also cuts out any additional steps or websites that might be needed to sign up for events.

While it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed with the ever-changing platform updates and ways of working, both virtually and in the real world, it’s important to remember why they’re necessary. 

They’re great opportunities to continue staying up to date and in the know with all things social media and allow businesses and individuals to grow their network further.

It’s been a year of change for LinkedIn but have any of these particular updates caught your eye?


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