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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Techniques You Wish You Knew Sooner

You’ll be surprised by the number of tools that slide under the radar for Sales Navigator users. Not only are there some hidden gems awaiting you, but there are also some great Sales Navigator techniques you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of sooner. 


I’ll get the simplest, but one of the most effective techniques out of the way and that’s Boolean Search. Simply adding quotation marks will help refine your search. Instead of searching for two separate words, you’ll search for the whole phrase. No longer will Marketing and Managers be separate. You’ll get what you were looking for Marketing Managers. 

You can also single out users you don’t want to connect with by adding “NOT” and your chosen title. If you decide you don’t want Salespeople in your list simply add “NOT Sales” to your boolean search. You can also use the words “AND” or “OR” which will work as expected. 

Creating Custom Lists of Your Prospects

Want to save a lot of time each time you log onto Sales Navigator? A great technique is through creating custom lists. Simply run your search, add your filters and save your custom list. Remember to name it something you’ll recognise later down the line. The best part about these lists is that they will update automatically. If you add the Teamlink search filter, (only available on Sales Navigator Teams), you’ll also be notified when a member of your team connects with one of your leads. 

The out-of-network unlock feature

When your network building the limitations are frustrating. Your searches are limited as you don’t have many 1st degree connections. The out-of-network unlock feature increases your allotment of profile searches to members outside your network. The downside? It’s a Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise level feature only. But you will receive 25 unlocks per month, and If someone unlocks a profile search, it will be unlocked for everyone else on your teams’ contract.

Using Account Maps

Connecting with the CEO of a major corporation isn’t as easy as it sounds. Of course, you’re thinking about the absurdity of that statement, but some users still try to connect cold to CEOs online. Account Mapping is a targeted approach for reaching the key account you’re looking to work with. You can highlight a business, target an account and lay out a path for reaching that account. To connect with the CEO, first, connect to the team and work your way towards them using your social selling strategy. Sales Navigator will show you this map and using their tools you can track your progress. It’s a slight deviation from account-based marketing, but the thought process stays the same. 

After implementing these LinkedIn Sales Navigator techniques you’ll be able to search, prospect and target more strategically. If you’re looking for more guidance, or a how-to, step by step course, why not check out Business Development for Sales Navigator. 

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