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Get Your Job Verified on LinkedIn

To combat online impersonation scams, LinkedIn has introduced new verification features. Allowing users to authenticate their identities and job histories. These features provide options for verifying identity and employment on LinkedIn. Making it easier to distinguish between the imposter and verified profiles. So how do you get LinkedIn verified? With Microsoft Entra Verified ID

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What is Microsoft Entra Verified ID?

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a decentralised identity solution for individuals and organisations. With our digital and physical lives linked to apps, services, and devices Microsoft created a decentralised identity system. Providing greater control over data and delivering a higher degree of trust and security.

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials are the key components of Microsoft’s solution. For LinkedIn and its verification system companies will create their own verifiable credentials to give out. LinkedIn members can use these Verified ID credentials issued from their organisation to verify their roles on their public profile and add instant credibility.

“On LinkedIn, members will see an option to verify their workplace on their profile. With a few taps on their phone, members can get their digital employee ID from their organisation and choose to share it on LinkedIn. After they send the credential, a Workplace verification will be displayed on their profile.” – Joy Chik President, Identity & Network Access, Microsoft 

Additional Ways To Verify Your LinkedIn Account

Work Email verification

Work Email verification confirms that an individual’s work email has been validated by the company listed on their profile. If your company is part of Work Email verification, you can confirm your email address by entering your current work email. Then verifying it through the code sent to that email address. To find out more about how this verification works and the steps to verify, check out Work Email verification on your profile.

ID verification – US only

ID verification confirms that an individual’s government-issued ID has been verified by one of LinkedIn’s verification partners. CLEAR, a third-party identity verification service, performs ID verification in the United States for those with a valid government-issued ID and a US phone number. LinkedIn may extend ID verification globally and add more verification partners in the future. To learn more about how this verification works and the steps to verify, check out ID verification on your profile.

Verifications on your profile are visible to others, but you have the option to remove them at any time. Once you have completed the verification process for your Work Email, government ID, or Workplace, a verification badge will appear on your profile. However, the specific information used to verify your identity, such as your email address, details on your ID card, or company credentials, will remain private and not be visible to others.


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